Academic Programs

The School of Nursing offers one bachelor's degree. The freshmen and sophomore years of the nursing curriculum are typically completed on the College Place, Washington campus and include a combination of general studies, pre-requisite courses, nursing cognate courses, and sophomore-level nursing courses. The junior and senior years are completed on the Portland, Oregon campus. Transfer students completing prerequisite courses at another institution may apply to enter the nursing program on either the College Place or the Portland campus. Transfer students complete the final two years of the program on the Portland campus.

Please see page 10 of our student handbook for our essential functions for nursing students.

Nursing major (Bachelor of Science)

By earning a bachelor’s degree, nurses enter the field prepared for a wide range of practice settings. Many employers favor hiring nurses who have already earned their bachelor’s degree into fields including school nursing, home health, hospice, IV infusion, and prison nursing. Nurses with a bachelor’s degree have the necessary foundation for advanced practice options such as nurse practitioner, nurse anesthetist, certified nurse midwife, or acute transport. Nurse managers, nurse educators, research nurse, nurse consultants, and other leadership roles also require a bachelor of science to enter these training areas. 

All students apply to begin professional nursing coursework. Students can begin nursing classes on the College Place campus in the sophomore year or on the Portland campus for summer accelerated progression to junior year. L.P.N. and R.N. students have the opportunity for advanced standing in completing their bachelor’s degree on the Portland campus. Our nursing program offers students a variety of clinical experiences. On the College Place campus, students gain skills at clinical sites supporting rural communities. The Portland campus offers an array of clinical placements in urban settings.

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