Our Graduates Succeed

Graduates from our department go on to a variety of challenging and rewarding professions!  Learn more about what some of them are up to and why they value their Walla Walla University history education. 

Courtney MacPhee

Class of 2018

Currently a graduate student at Claremont Graduate University

“A bachelor’s degree in History from WWU is not just a slip of paper congratulating you on making it through another four years of education; rather, it is a testament to your ability to critically examine and empathetically learn about our world through others’ eyes—something invaluable no matter your career path. These classes will challenge you, encourage you to grow, and help foster within you the ability to view the world and your fellow (wo)man with empathy. Finally, a history degree from WWU leads to meaningful connections with students and the faculty. For me, the History and Philosophy department faculty at WWU were paramount to my growth towards being a better human, activist, and student. I would not be who I am today without the guidance and encouragement from the faculty.”

Jaci Shankel

Class of 2016

Pursuing Master of Arts in History at King's College London

"It is a little daunting to be starting the writing process over again, but I do really appreciate the effort our history department [at WWU] put into helping us develop a process."


Atem Malak

Class of 2015

Currently pursuing Master of Arts in International Affairs at George Washington University and interning at PeaceTech Lab of the United States Institute of Peace

"I am so glad I was able to take history at Walla Walla. One of the skills I learned was the ability to research and write. These skills have been invaluable in every class I have taken so far in graduate school."


Ian Bilinowich

Class of 2013

Librarian at LaCreole Middle School in Dallas, Oregon and pursuing a Master of Science in Educational Leadership and Policy at Portland State University

"I learned how to make deadlines, plan large projects, and set manageable goals as a history major at WWU."


Ian Field

Class of 2013

Previously served as Chief of Staff to United States Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Currently pursuing MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business

"My professors taught me never to be satisfied shrugging my shoulders and saying, well I just don't understand. That's the time to listen and learn. Too often, a political disagreement goes hand-in-hand with a misunderstanding."


Savonna Greer

Class of 2013

Pursuing Master of Arts in History

"When I entered grad school, I felt quite prepared. I attribute this to both the history faculty and honors program."

Tasha Haddad

Class of 2013

Student at Loma Linda University School of Medicine

"Being able to read and comprehend material quickly is an incredibly useful skill to have, and it is one I developed while reading long daily assignments for history classes . . . History also taught me to think critically and always evaluate the quality of the material I'm reading."


Peter Vercio

Class of 2011

Partner and Chief Operating Officer of start-up business

"If I want to learn about something I can research in ways that I now realize most people cannot . . . If students are interested in business, I can't think of a better degree than history."


Cody Lonning

Class of 2010


"History is a great pre-law major. Laws exist because something went wrong in the past . . . a history degree also requires close reading, analysis, and writing, which is what I do every day at work."


Brandon Gratias

Class of 2009

Head of Operations for Amazon Channels (division of Amazon Video) in Issaquah, WA

"One of the key things that differentiates people is their being able to create a clear, compelling argument. The topic or medium of an argument may vary, but understanding how to present evidence in a way that supports a perspective is super valuable. A history degree teaches you to think in this way."


Kirsten Archer

Class of 2008

Grants Officer in the Office of Development at Boston Medical Center

"Managing all of the documents and papers [as Grants Officer] and maintaining proactive communication is not unlike working on a large research paper that involves the management of multiple archival materials, books, citations, or interviews."


Candice Ford

Class of 2008

Master of Science in Nursing

Currently working as RN

"Above all, WWU History taught me how to think critically about the world, to put under the microscope mine/others' societal beliefs, to always ask tough questions."


Greg Kier

Class of 2008

Writer for Historical Docuseries, Parallax Films (National Geographic & Smithsonian Channel)

"The research and argumentation skills learned at WWU help me be a better citizen and human being. ... Moreover, the research and writing that is required with a history degree gives you a leg up in interviews, writing cover letters, and being a well rounded, informed person in interviews and in life."

Talea Anderson

Class of 2007

Scholarly Communication Librarian in the Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation at Washington State University

"My history degree gave me the skills to absorb information, analyze it, and explain it to others."


Jeff Hogg

Class of 2007

Special Education teacher in Battle Ground Public Schools

"I had a solid background in identifying valid sources of research and evidence from peer-reviewed journals, knowing where to find information on how to cite my work, writing in a formal/academic voice, taking notes, and other useful academic skills."


Travis Sandefur

Class of 2007

Hospital administrator and director for Adventist Health International Zambia

"My history degree laid an amazing foundation for my current line of work. It has provided me with a worldview that I would otherwise have lacked, and is essential now that I live and work in an international setting. Even more importantly, history degrees train you to think critically. Far too many business decisions are made without proper research and analysis."