Academic Programs

Our department offers a major in history, a major in humanities and multidisciplinary studies, as well as minors in history, philosophy, and legal studies. As a student in our department, you may choose to pursue academic activities outside the department including a secondary teaching certificate, a second major, or the Honors program.  

History Major (Bachelor of Arts)

Students who get a B.A. in history will learn the research, writing, analytical, and information literacy skills that companies are increasingly seeking in employees. History students will complete and present a senior history thesis. 

Humanities & Multidisciplinary Studies Major (Bachelor of Arts)

This major allows you to design your own course of study that combines professional or technical training in another discipline with a strong foundation in the humanities. You’ll take courses in the humanities and a variety of other programs to complete the major.  

History Minor

A minor in history is designed for students who enjoy studying history and are interested in improving their writing, thinking, and research skills. A minor requires 28 credit hours.

Philosophy Minor

This minor provides a framework for students to develop critical thinking skills and enhances preparation for graduate programs in the humanities and theology, or for many professional programs. The philosophy minor requires 28 credit hours.  

Legal studies Minor

The legal studies minor is designed specifically for students planning to continue to law school after completing their bachelor’s degree. Students minoring in legal studies must complete 30 credit hours.  


History Major Teacher Certification

Students pursuing Washington State teacher certification in history or social studies must fulfill certification requirements listed by the School of Education and Psychology, complete a history major, and take all required courses.  

Please refer to the certification check sheet available from the School of Education and Psychology for additional information.