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History and Philosophy Department

The department offers a major in history as well as minors in history, philosophy, and legal studies. Students within the department often pursue academic activities outside the department including a secondary teaching certificate, a second major, and/or the honors program. Contact Academic Advisement if you have questions: (509) 527-2132.

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History Major (Bachelor of Arts)

The work in history is fourfold: to promote a better understanding of the past and an appreciation of the present; to formulate a constructive philosophy of history; to train in skills of research and evaluation; to prepare students for teaching, graduate and professional schools, and government service. A student majoring in history must complete 58 quarter hours in the major, the general studies program, and all baccalaureate degree requirements as outlined in the bulletin. Students must also complete and present a senior history thesis. 

See course requirements for History Major (B.A.)

Humanities And Multi-Disciplinary Studies (Bachelor of Arts)

The major in humanities and multi-disciplinary studies is founded on the following three principles: multidisciplinary study, customization, and academic rigor. The major is specifically designed for students who are seeking to combine professional or technical training in another discipline with strong training in writing and the humanities.

Most majors focus on a specific discipline and type of academic study. This major fills a unique niche by providing a customizable course of study to meet the needs of students with a broad range of interests. A student majoring in humanities and multi-disciplinary studies might be pursuing a career in medicine, dentistry, science, law, business, or a variety of pre-professional programs. The curriculum allows credits from courses in both the humanities and a variety of other programs to count towards the completion of the major.

Students who wish to major in humanities and multi-disciplinary studies will need to develop, in consultation with the major advisor, a proposed curriculum that meets both their own educational objectives and the requirements of the major. This proposed curriculum needs to have a coherent academic focus and will be approved by the Humanities and Multi-Disciplinary Studies Faculty Committee. Students will also be required to complete a senior research thesis under the direction of a faculty mentor.

A student majoring in humanities and multi-disciplinary studies must complete 83 quarter hours made up of the core requirements, the required number of electives in the humanities and sciences, and the required number of additional electives pertaining to the student’s chosen focus of study and senior thesis project.

See course requirements for Humanities & Multi-Disciplinary Studies (B.A.)

History Minor

The history minor is well paired with many other majors and complements any area of study. A student minoring in history must complete 28 quarter hours.

See course requirements for History Minor

Philosophy Minor

The philosophy minor provide a framework for students to develop critical thinking skills, to study major figures and schools in the history of philosophy, to draw connections between philosophy and other disciplines, and to analyze moral, spiritual, metaphysical, epistemological, and logical questions and issues. The minor in philosophy enhances student preparation for graduate programs in the humanities and theology, and for professional programs in education, law, medicine, or government. A student minoring in philosophy must complete 28 credit hours.

See course requirements for Philosophy Minor

Legal Studies Minor

The legal studies minor is designed specifically for students preparing to continue to law school after completing their bachelor's degree. Students pursuing a legal studies minor are trained and advised by Dr. Tim Golden, a licensed attorney. A student minoring in legal studies must complete 30 credit hours.

See course requirements for Legal Studies Minor

History Major Teacher Certification

Students pursuing Washington State teacher certification in history or social studies must fulfill certification requirements listed by the School of Education and Psychology, complete a history major, and take the following courses:

Please refer to the certification check sheet available from the School of Education and Psychology for additional information.

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