Every business major completes an internship as a graduation requirement. This practical, hands-on work, strengthens resumes, confirms career interests, and often leads to full-time jobs.  Most internships are well paid.  Students can earn up to four units of academic credit.  A majority of internships are completed in the summer but some occur during the school year.  Internships are available in accounting, finance, information systems, law, management, marketing, and general business operations at a variety of organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations, local small businesses, hospitals, federal/state governments, and other nonprofits. Recent internship placements include Disney, 21st Century Fox, U.S. Senate, Nike, Key Technology, Baker Boyer Bank, Deloitte, AdventHealth, GC Auditing Service, Washington State Legislature . . . and at many small business and nonprofits.

For more details, see Internship Instructions or contact Dr. Toews, Associate Dean.

After finding an internship, the first-step is to complete the Internship Pre-Approval Form.  All internships must be pre-approved by Dr. Toews using this online-form.

Need help finding an internship?  The School of Business notifies students regularly of the opportunities available and the internship interviews to be held by recruiters on campus.  In addition, students can receive help from the Student Development Center (lower level of Village Hall,, (509) 527-2664), either by completing an Internship Interest Form or by contacting the SDC.  For a current list of internship opportunities through the SDC, see national internships, regional internships, and local internships.

All internships must be pre-approved by Dr. Toews, Associate Dean. To obtain approval, complete the Internship Pre-Approval Form.  See Internship Instructions for more details.

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