Every business major completes an internship as a graduation requirement. This practical, hands-on work strengthens resumes, confirms career interests, and often leads to full-time employment.  Most internships are well paid.  Students can earn up to four units of academic credit.  A majority of internships are completed in the summer but some occur during the school year.  Internships are available in accounting, finance, information systems, law, management, marketing, and general business operations at a variety of organizations, including large corporations, small businesses, federal/state governments, hospitals, and other nonprofits. 

Internship Process

Q&A / Syllabus: Guidelines that should be read and followed carefully.


  1. Find an Internship.  If you need help, see the end of this page for more information.
  2. Internship Pre-Approval Form (online form): Due before internship registration to ensure it will qualify.
  3. Handshake Profile:  When you have received pre-approval, create your profile on Handshake, the website used to register for your internship.
  4. Internship Registration: Contact Danielle in the Student Development Center (509.527.2664, for a short review on how to register.  Then register via Handshake.  You do not register for internships like you do for other classes; rather, your registration in Handshake is used to automatically enroll you in the internship.  Note that financial clearance is required in order to finalize registration.  In addition, before registration can occur, your supervisor must approve your internship experience (via an emailed link to Handshake), so you may need to follow-up that this was done.  You should double check on PeopleSoft to ensure that you are registered.
  5. Learning Objectives Form (Word file):  Due no later than two weeks after the internship start date.
  6. Weekly Progress Report (Excel file):  Due at 60 hours and 120 hours of documented experience.
  7. Self-Evaluation Form (Word file):  Due at end of internship.
  8. Employer Evaluation: Done at the internship mid- and end-point by the Student Development Center.  Interns do not need to do anything for this step, but they may need to remind/encourage supervisors to complete the online performance evaluations.

Questions?  Read the Q&A / Syllabus or contact Dr. Toews, Dean and Faculty Advisor for all business-related internships.

Finding an Internship:  Many students find their own internships, maybe by learning of business-related work from a relative or family acquaintance, or maybe by just knocking on doors at home.  But if you need help, check on the internship lists on Handshake (usually several thousand listed), Indeed, Chegg, InternJobs, Monster, InternshipFinderUSAJobs, SimplyHired, CEI, or LinkedIn.  Also, a list of opportunities that we know about is regularly emailed to business students.  In addition, students can receive help from the Student Development Center by: (a) checking out their Internship Opportunities page; (b) completing an Internship Interest Form ; (c) attending job/internship fairs; or (d) contacting the SDC directly (, 509.527.2313, lower level of Village Hall).