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Completing an internship is an excellent way to strengthen a resume, gain valuable practical training, and confirm a career interest (and it often leads to a full-time position). For these reasons, all WWU students seeking a bachelor's degree in business must complete a formal, documented internship. (See Internship Instructions for details.)  The vast majority of interns not only get paid well for their work, but they also earn academic credit. The average evaluation score by intern supervisors is 4.7 / 5.0, which indicates that employers highly value the contributions of our students. Internships are available in accounting, finance, info systems, management, marketing, law, and general business operations at a variety of organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations, local small businesses, hospitals, federal and state governments, and nonprofit organizations. In addition, for many years, our students have served as legislative interns at the Washington State Capitol in Olympia and in the nation's Capitol in Washington D.C.

For students who need help finding internships, the School of Business prepares a weekly update of opportunities (check your emails).  Students should also check their emails for details of internship interviews held by recruiters on campus.  In addition, students can receive help from the Student Development Center (lower level of Village Hall,, 509-527-2664), either by completing an Internship Interest Form or by contacting the SDC.  For a current list of internship opportunities through the SDC, see national internships, regional internships, and local internships.

All internships must be pre-approved by Dr. Toews, Associate Dean. To obtain approval, either send an email to with the information below or make an appointment to discuss your internship in person.  The following information will be needed:
(a) Approximate starting and ending date of the internship (a min. of 120 hours are required to be documented)
(b) Name and contact of the organization and supervisor
(c) Brief description of the anticipated duties
(d) Whether academic credit will be earned and the quarter to which it will be applied (check with your academic advisor first to see if you need credit).

See Internship Instructions for more details.

Last update on February 11, 2019