How do you see the world? Show us.

If you enjoy visual expression and the challenges and rewards of the creative process, a major in art could be the right path to a rewarding career. As an art major, you will learn to visually communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings using many different media such as paints, chalks, clay, photographs, and computer images. You will study the creative process and train your eye to better notice and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. The result is an education that helps you develop an appreciation, awareness, and understanding of the forms of visual expression. Developing your God-given artistic talents will compliment careers such as communication and languages, advertising, and business. Beyond that, an education in art will help expand your understanding of the world around you.



Consistent with your desires for expression and growth through the art process, the Walla Walla University Art Department provides quality instruction and practice. Classes emphasize both classical and non-traditional approaches at once. In this program you become aware of both the past wealth of tradition and the expanding doors of the future and are suited upon graduation to serve in a variety of ways in the art world.

Writing / Analytical

  • Art Curriculum Writer
  • Art Historian
  • Art Critic
  • Arts Administrator
  • Arts and Cultural Planner
  • Website Owner / Blogger
  • Graphic Novel Author

Fashion / Textiles

  • Fiber Artist
  • Accessory Designer (Shoes / Bags / Hats)
  • Dressmaker
  • Embroiderer
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Fashion Designer / Sports Apparel Designer
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Pattern Maker
  • Costume Designer
  • Quilt / Rug / Linen Designer
  • T-shirt Designer

Arranging / Display

  • Food Stylist
  • Floral Arranger
  • Display & Exhibition Planner
  • Art / Design / Color Consultant
  • Gallery Owner / Assistant
  • Museum Curator
  • Personal Stylist
  • Picture Framer
  • Online Curator

Spatial Design

  • Architect
  • Landscape Architect
  • Urban Designer / Town Planner
  • Playground / Theme Park / Sports Arena / Golf Course Designer
  • Interior Designer / Decorator
  • Set / Stage Design

3D Production Design

  • Industrial Designer / Bridge Designer
  • Toy Designer / Kite Designer / Utensil Designer
  • Model Maker / Mock-up Artist
  • Stained Glass Window Designer
  • Prop Designer
  • Food Product Designer
  • Potter / Ceramic Designer
  • Wood Turner / Carver
  • Mosaic Designer
  • Jeweller
  • Weaver
  • Glass Artist


  • Advertising Photographer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Photo Journalist
  • Food Photographer
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Underwater Photographer
  • Wedding Photographer
  • Stock Photo Seller
  • Director of Photography

Fine Art

  • Airbrush Artist
  • Architectural Illustrator
  • Book Illustrator
  • Graphic Illustrator
  • Technical / Textbook Illustrator
  • Story Board Illustrator
  • Cartoonist / Caricaturist
  • Commercial Artist
  • Fine Art Painter
  • Printmaker / Screen Printer
  • Courtroom Artist
  • Art Conservationist
  • Special Effects Makeup
  • Mural Artist

Organization / People Management

  • Art School Director
  • Primary / Elementary Teacher
  • Middle / High School Art Teacher
  • University Lecturer / Professor
  • Private Art Instructor
  • Art Therapist
  • Art Dealer
  • Artist Agent
  • Art Supplies Retailer

Graphic Design

  • Advertising Director
  • Logo / Branding Designer
  • Advertisement Designer
  • Sign Writer
  • Magazine Layout Designer
  • Book / eBook Designer
  • Calendar / Stationary / Wallpaper Designer
  • Typographer

Digital / Multi-Media

  • Animator
  • Concept Artist
  • Digital Illustrator
  • Digital 3D Modeller
  • Web Designer
  • Smart Phone App Designer
  • Television / Film Producer
  • Documentary Filmmaker
  • Camera Operator
  • Film Editor
  • Special Effects Designer
  • Video Game Design
  • Internet Video Creator

...or any other career!
Art can be great preparation for any other career that requires fine motor skills, presentation skills, an eye for aesthetics and a mind for creative thinking.

Where can your creativity take you?

Marty Straub '99

Straub is founder and creative director of a young design company, Straub Design Group, which offers services ranging from identity consultation to exhibit design. The former WWC art major has created a markedly progressive company whose stated aim is to help clients refine and creatively implement their marketing and communication goals.

Straub has recently done considerable contract work for various areas of the Alberta government and has designed for clients such as the world famous Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology, Lacombe Interpretive Centre, and Max Pro Inc as well as Canadian University College.

These pictures are some of Straub's most recent exhibit models.