Setting Up a Header

To begin setting up a header for your page, click the add element icon in the top content section of the page. Under the "Walla Walla" tab you will want to select the element called "Small header."

Under the "wizard.walla.header" tab, select the "small_header (Title)" option.

Under the "Content Data" tab enter your page's title then click "Create new" under the Button group section. Each page with a header is required to have the same three buttons.

Each button has a title, icon name, and a link that it will lead to:

  • Button 1: Apply graduation-cap
  • Button 2: Request Info newsletter
  • Button 3: Visit aircraft 2520 (Just enter the four numbers, typo will know what to do.)

Underneath the buttons, you'll see a place where you can upload your header image. You'll need to have already uploaded this image to the filelist (see other tutorial). Each header image needs to be exactly 504x254 px. This can be a bit challenging, so feel free to contact the Web Services office and have them set up a header for you.