All WWU forms should apply one of two pre-determined styles to maintain brand consistency.

  • WWU Embeded: Use this option if your form is to be embedded on a Typo3 webpage.
  • WWU Un-Embeded: Use this option if the form will not be hosted on a Typo3 webpage.

How to change form style

Open your form on formstack and begin building.

Click on "style" located in the top right region.


Select "Apply" on the "Un-Embedded" style and a green "Active" bubble should appear when changed successfully (it saves automatically). 

Once selected and saved, your live form should appear like so:

Adding a security measure to a form

Click on the "settings" option for your form.

"Settings" can be found in two places.

One in "settings" check to make sure the "Disable hosted form" has been checked as "no". 

Proceed to click on "security" found in the left hand column.

Once on the "security" tab, change the "form password" from disabled to "Single-Sign On (SSO)"

A window within the same tab will open in which you will click "save" located in the top right corner and done!

Embedding a Formstack form to a Typo3 page

Click on the "share" tab of the form which can be located before opening the form or as you are building it.

Copy the html.

Add new content and select "plain html" under the "special elements" tab.

Paste the html and save.