Re-sizing photos

To re-size your image of choice being by clicking on the "images" tab.

There are two ways to adjust your image—image size and image shape.

Image size

This adjusts the space the image takes up on your screen. Change only the height or the width of the image (but not both) to change the size of the image proportionally.

Image shape (aspect ratio)

This adjusts the shape of the image on your screen (this is how you can crop a rectangular image to a square).

For the second option, begin by clicking on a side arrow directly left of your image file.

Scroll down until you see the "open editor" box and click to open.

Once opened, you may edit the size of the image by clicking on any of the ratios (outlined by the red box) or by dragging the orange boxes (indicated by the arrows).

After editing the size of your image, click on the blue "accept" button found at the bottom right corner.