Heading Styles

Various headings styles are used depending on the content on your page. 
This page will serve as a quick tutorial on which heading styles are commonly used and for what purpose.

Use a logical heading order and the built-in style formatting tools to make it easier for screen reader users navigate your pages. 

Each page should use only one Heading 1. Following that heading, all headings should be used in ascending order. Maintaining this consistency allows users to navigate a page effectively using a keyboard. This also enables screen reader users who use quick access menus to get a list of all the headings on the pages and skim content.

Note: what you see in the typo3 text editor will not always appear exactly the same once saved. 

Begin by clicking on "New Content" on you page.

Next, highlight the text you wish to edit its font style and click on the top right down-arrow for a list of styles.

Finally, click "save" to ensure your changes are made.

"Heading 1"

Usually used as the main page title and nowhere else on the same page. (Example located at the top of this page.)

"Heading 2"

Usually used as a section title.

"Heading 3" 

Usually used as a section title. 

"Heading 4"

Usually used as a sub-section title or name titles for faculty and staff.


Usually used for body paragraphs and small text descriptions under pictures.