What can I do with the Advisor Center?

Information available in the Advisor Center:

  • Advisee name
  • Addresses - campus and home
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses - campus and home
  • Class schedule
  • Weekly class schedule
  • Holds (aka Service Indicators)
  • To Do items (aka checklist items)
  • Enrollment dates
  • Advisor name and contact
  • Advisee shopping cart (classes the advisee wants to take)
  • Advisee planner (classes the advisee wants to take later)
  • List of classes student has taken (Course History)
  • Run a degree audit
  • See photos of students
  • Term grades
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Student Groups
  • Other names
  • Transfer Course Credits
  • Exam Credits
  • GPA - Term and cumulative
  • High School Information
  • Clear advisee to enroll in classes for term

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