Campus Sound

Campus Sound provides audio/video support services for WWU-sponsored events on campus outside of the WWU church sanctuary. Use the form at the bottom of this page to request Campus Sound services.

How the Campus Sound process works:

1. Alert early
Even if you don't have all of the event details, as soon as you know you will need Campus Sound Services, email or text (509) 520-9900 or stop by the Campus Sound office so that we can work to understand your event, reserve gear, and begin the process of scheduling a sound tech to work the event.

2. Submit a Campus Sound Request form
Fill out a Campus Sound Request form (bottom of this page) at least seven days prior to the event. We are not able to fulfill last-minute requests. Event facility requests must have at minimum one hour of sound check and one hour of setup time (two hours total) reserved in advance of the event.

3. Receive confirmation
You will get an email or phone call from Campus Sound confirming receipt of the Campus Sound Request form. Please be aware of our small events policy (events with fewer than 25 attendees).

4. Receive contact info
Once a sound tech has been scheduled to work your event, you will receive an email with the name of the sound tech and their contact information.

5. Practice one hour before
One hour before your event the sound tech will have everything set up and ready to roll. It is strongly recommended that musicians, slideshow presentations, and any additional media are ready for sound check at this time. Please be prepared to run through everything. Don’t walk in with last-minute changes. If you want specific music played before or during the event, please make a public Spotify playlist. Videos need to be downloaded before the event. Provide video links to the campus sound tech one day prior to the event.

6. Review our service
After the event, you will receive an email asking you to submit your feedback and suggestions so that we can improve and make sure that you're satisfied with our service.

Note: If food is provided for the event, please provide food for the sound crew.

Event Recordings
Media Services 

Facility Reservations
Request a campus facility >

Institutional Sound
(Events within the church sanctuary such as CommUnity and Vespers)

Training and equipment services

We provide training to enable groups/departments to manage their sound independently as much as possible. For example:

Campus Sound provides equipment and training for worship groups:

  • Berean Fellowship
  • Circle Church
  • Fireside.

Campus Sound maintains sound equipment for areas such as:

  • Athletic department (gym – basketball/volleyball, outdoor – baseball/soccer) 
  • Music department – FAC auditorium 
  • Communication department – Village Hall
  • Walla Walla University Church - Fellowship Hall, Heubach Chapel

Small Events 

Campus Sound sets up portable AV equipment for WWU-sponsored events with more than 25 people free of charge. For small events (when less than 25 people show up and stay), the billing after such an event would be:

Sound setup/run/pack up = $30

Sound/video setup/run/pack up = $50

The sound tech running your event will count the number of attendees. If you are planning an event with less than 25 people, you may pay for Campus Sound labor to run the event or find a venue with built-in sound/video capabilities listed below.  Whatever location you choose, Campus Sound is willing to come at least one hour before the event starts to help you understand the built-in system and to make sure that you can play the music, video, or PowerPoint that your program needs. However, for these small events, we will leave once you understand the system.

Havstad Upstairs
This room has a built-in computer, speakers, a projector, and a screen. Good for music, videos, and PowerPoints.

WWU Church Fellowship Hall
This room has an HDMI cord for a laptop, speakers, 2 cordless mics, and 2 large TVs. Good for music, videos, and PowerPoints.

Heubach Chapel
This room has a built-in computer, speakers, 1 wireless mic, a projector, and a screen. This venue is dedicated to sacred programs and is good for music, videos, and PowerPoints.

This room has a VGA cord for a laptop, speakers, 2 wired mics, a projector, and a screen. Good for music, videos, and PowerPoints.

Alaska Room
This room has a built-in projector and a screen. Good for PowerPoints.

Smart Classrooms
Many smart classrooms across campus in the Administration Building, Bowers Hall, the Fine Arts Center, Kretschmar, Rigby, Smith, and the Winter Educational Complex have built-in speakers, projectors, and screens. Good for music, videos, and PowerPoints.

The Peterson Memorial Library loans projectors and screens.


Karl Thompson
(509) 520-9900