Technology teak wood bench

Bench in honor of Larry Claridge unveiled during WWU homecoming weekend

On April 27, 2019, during Walla Walla University homecoming weekend, the Department of Technology unveiled a teak wood bench and plaque in honor of Larry Claridge, a former WWU technology teacher and long-time Walla Walla resident. 

The bench and plaque reside in the hallway outside Canaday Technology Center’s woods lab. The twofold goal for this wooden bench is to invite students to linger in the space where Claridge did most of his teaching and to be a tribute to his dedication, kindness, and legacy of Christian service.  

Claridge taught carpentry, woodworking, and technical drawing classes at Walla Walla University from 1977 to 1982, as well as serving as the project coordinator for construction of the Canaday Technology Center. 

“Larry’s role as volunteer project coordinator was to organize and direct the dozens of volunteers who also donated their time and expertise to CTC,” said Linda Felipez, chair of the Department of Technology and professor of technology. “Our goal with engraving a beautiful teakwood bench with his name and installing a plaque to commemorate Larry was to honor and express our deep gratitude to his family for all that he did for the Department of Technology,” said Felipez.

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Posted July 31, 2019

Wooden bench with inscription saying "Larry Claridge"
Bench in honor of woodworking teacher, Larry Claridge, resides in CTC hallway.
Wooden bench underneath a black plaque against a white brick background.
Claridge taught woodworking, carpentry, and technical drawing classes at WWU.
Black and wooden plaque with gold writing hanging on white wall.
Plaque in honor of Claridge's teaching legacy.