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Film, TV, and media majors grab opportunity to study in Los Angeles


Four students from the Department of Communication and Languages at Walla Walla Walla University will be attending the Los Angeles Film Studies Center (LAFSC) during winter quarter. 

The LAFSC provides a unique opportunity for students at WWU to complete elective credits in Los Angeles as a part of the film, TV, and media major. This program is hosted by Olivet Nazarene University through the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities. Walla Walla University is the only Seventh-day Adventist university that participates in this program. The LAFSC uniquely provides on the ground experience in the field of filmmaking.

Participants in this program will earn a total of 16 credits towards their major requirements upon completion. In the LAFSC program students are required to take two classes: Faith and Artistic Development, and Hollywood Production Workshop. Students are also required to participate in an internship in order to apply and develop their skills in the field. 

Michael Flores is a 2020 WWU graduate of the program who currently works as a coordinator for the Grammy awards and as a production assistant and coordinator for other film and TV productions. He said the program was helpful in deciding what direction he wanted to take his career. “Working for an Academy Award-nominated producer during my time at LAFSC exposed me to so many different development projects I got to be a part of. I realized I wanted to go into film development.”

Flores said the opportunity of being able to move to Los Angeles for a short period of time was helpful in figuring out if he wanted to live there and if he wanted to pursue a career in that area. He said, “For those who are considering the program, I would highly suggest to take part in the opportunity, especially if you’re not from the LA area.”

To learn more about the LAFSC or to apply for the program, visit, and to learn more about the film, TV, and media major visit

Posted Dec. 22, 2022.

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