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Communication and Languages

In today's era of digital and social media, it takes an expert communicator to get messages heard above the noise. That's why, if you have an eye for video, a knack for language translation, or a talent for penning the perfect phrase; a communication or language degree could be your ticket to career success.

Strategic Communication
Study Strategic Communication,
or try Global Comm
Languages: Go Global
Major in French, Spanish
or Global Comm
Film, TV and Media
Create visual stories with a major in Film, TV and Media
Speech and Performance
Minor in speech or drama with a message that matters

Because WWU's Department of Communication and Languages can turn your passion into a career! We have small class sizes with expert professors who believe in mentoring. Visit our our faculty page to get in contact with a professor who specializes in your field.

Here, we can strengthen your writing, your digital strategy, and your visual communication while also giving you the ability to be immersed in the language and culture of other parts of the world. Tell us where you want to go professionally, and we will help you get there!

Studying Communication and Languages opens up a wide range of career opportunities. At WWU, you'll be able to tailor your course load to prepare for your dream job, or even take a broad range of classes so you can be ready for almost any job in the global market. 

Do you have strong writing or visual storytelling skills? Do you love to learn about new languages and cultures? Do you want to learn the science and art of getting noticed in a digital world? A communication or language degree may be right for you! Click on one of the degrees below to see the offered courses in that program.

Academic Minors

M.A. Degrees

Graduate Studies
Master of Arts in filmmaking and digital media that communicate the gospel. Two concentrations available: media and cinema, or web and digital media. Click here to learn more!
Last update on February 12, 2019