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University students visit Vossler Studios to experience large-scale virtual production


On November 11, eight university students, two faculty, and one WWU alumnus had the opportunity to visit Vossler Studios in Seattle, Washington. Vossler Studios is a production company that specializes in virtual production technology to help revolutionize film production.

Matt Webster, the production and facilities manager of WWU’s Communication and Languages Department, explained that since the university is in the process of building their own virtual production set on campus, having the students see an industry virtual production set gave them a glimpse of where their experience at Walla Walla University could take them. 

According to Webster, students were able to view how virtual production is changing the way films and commercials are being produced by experts in the industry. Webster explained that two of Vossler’s main clients are Microsoft and Amazon, and “students were able to talk to the best of the best when it came to setting up a virtual production set.” 

Steven Crary, a senior film and TV major who attended the trip, said, “The trip impacted me by allowing me to get direct answers from industry professionals that will allow me and my team to grow a small business.” 

The importance of this trip was seen in the connections established between university students and Vossler Studios. “Having students face-to-face with these professionals helped their learning experience, as well as create relationships that they could use in the future for productions and possible jobs” said Webster. 

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Posted Dec. 28, 2022.

Students explore virtual production set
WWU students visited a virtual production set used by industry professionals for clients like Microsoft and Amazon.
A group of students at Vossler Studios