Fall Service Day 2019

Service Day is about students and community coming together to make an impact. Twice a year an entire day is dedicated to being engaged in Service Day. This is a campus-wide event that occurs twice a year, where students and faculty participate in service projects for local organizations and private residents.

Community service is one of Walla Walla University's core values, Generosity in Service, and is an important part of the WWU experience. On service days, classes are excused with the expectation that students are participating in one of the various service projects. Thank you for participating and serving your community!

Thank you all for volunteering. Fall Service Day was a huge success!

701 people participated this year!

Use #generosityinservice to view photos.

October 16, 2019 Fall Service Day

Here is a list of projects completed in the community!

Questions? che@wallawalla.edu 

Apple Crisp Making and Baskets for first responders
Do you love to bake? This project will be making delicious apple pies to give to first responders as a thank you for all their hard work to keep us safe. Come have fun with friends and food. This project is promoted by Missions Club! 

Blue Mountain Audubon Society
Arthur G. Rempel Fort Walla Walla Natural Area is a great place for nature exploration any time of the year. The 65 acre and over 2 miles of hiking trail require a lot of up keep. The Audubon society needs help spreading bark over the trails to get ready for the winter season.

Blue Mountain Humane Society
Love animals? Blue Mountain Humane Society is a wonderful place to give back to the community and animals. Some projects are painting the cat barn and loading up all supplies for the annual fur ball event.

Blue Mountain Humane Society

from 12:30 to 2:00 pm (check in for CommUnity credit is still at 8 am, classes resume at 2pm) 
Blue Mountain Humane Society is a wonderful place to give back to the community and animals. Volunteers will be unloading a truck at the WW Fairgrounds and setting up for the annual fur ball event. Transportation is available for the first six.

Blue Mountain Therapeutic Riding
Love horses? Blue Mountain Therapeutic riding needs 20 volunteers to help wrangle in the wild wild west. Volunteers will be organizing and cleaning up tack, grooming horses, and moving fences. Sign up today to experience the wild west! 

Brookdale Senior Living

Volunteering at Brookdale Senior Living will consist of helping individuals with ADL's (activities of daily living) as well as providing social events for the residents to participate in. There will also be opportunities to help clean living spaces of these individuals and help with general cleaning of facility. This project is promoted by psychology club.

Commitment to Community
Attention art lovers! If you love art and believe in community art this is the project for you. This project is promoted by His Kids in Action. Commitment to Community that is supported through BMAC needs 12 volunteers to spend time with community members in cleaning and preserving a mural. 

Change the day $100.00
Do you want to start a ripple effect of kindness? If so, this project is for you. 20 individuals will work on doing purposeful acts of kindness. With $100 how many peoples lives can you touch?

Children’s Home Society of Washington
CHS is dedicated to helping families and children grow. Their campus is large with a fenced backyard that has raised garden beds that need to be prepped for winter. As well, this project includes picking up debris and weeding.

Christian Aid Center
Christian Aid Center is looking for 10 volunteers who can tend to some general yard work and annual cleaning. This facility helps individuals who suffer from chronic poverty, homelessness, hunger, chemical dependency and mental illness. They need your help to keeping the facility clean and orderly. Volunteer today! 

City of Walla Walla – Pioneer Park
This project is promoted by the business club! 20 Volunteers will be completing annual flowerbed beautification. This will involve pulling the entire plant up and throwing them in a large dumpster. 

City of Walla Walla – Mountain View Cemetery
20-30 volunteers will be completing annual clean up and beautification at the cemetery. This will include clearing gravestones, raking, and deadheading flowers.

College Place School District
This project is promoted by the business club! Students need your help with their ball field and flowerbeds! College Place School District needs 15 helpful volunteers to spread bark into the flowerbeds and get the ball field ready for students.

Fort Walla Walla Museum – HISTORY MAJORS
History Majors and Minors. This project is for you! here is a chance to work on museum textile maintenance and conservation. This lucky opportunity comes with re-racking and refolding quilts  and rugs in the museum archives!

Fort Walla Walla Museum – Leather working
This activity is open to all who are interested! Come volunteer at Fort Walla Walla for a chance to learn about leather working and conditioning. They need volunteers to wash and preserve harnesses for future generations to enjoy. PROJECT CHANGED SCOPE - Check email for updated task.


Good Samaritan Ministries
Want to paint or organize? Good Samaritan needs 6 volunteers. A couple will help with the office refresh which will include painting a 8x10 wall and possible hanging a world map. The second project will be working on storage organization. Lastly, they are looking for a front desk volunteer to help with answer the phone, scheduling, and greeting clients (last one is reoccurring: D).

Gospel Outreach
Gospel Outreach is looking for 10 volunteers who can tend to some general yard work and annual cleaning.

Herring House
This 5 bedroom 2 1/2 bath house was donated to Providence Hospital for patients who are receiving chemotherapy and need a n inexpensive place to stay. This project includes deep cleaning the home so it can continue to serve as a safe place for individuals to recover.

Hope Heals Walla Walla
This project is promoted by the business club! Hope Heals is dedicated its efforts into helping families out of homelessness. This project will include helping set up the workspace in a new facility.

Mount Hope Cemetery – THEOLOGY MAJORS
Theology Majors and Minors this is the project for you! Annually the theology department cleans the gravestones at Mount Hope Cemetery.

Mullan Road Historic Site - NEW PROJECT

Walla Walla 2020 needs your help with a work party to upgrade the Mullan Road Historic Site in Walla Walla. This new historic site was dedicated this may on the 160th anniversary of the beginning of construction of the first engineered wagon road in the Northwest. Looking for students to rake up wood chips and hal them to the community garden. This will help the garden and prep for grass to be seeded at this historic site.

ancho Villa is a 55+ mobile home community that has requested help in maintaining their exterior property. JumpStart 2019 had an activity in this community, but due to time restraints were unable to visit all of the homes. Luckily Missions Club has adopted this project and is looking forward to going back to this community to continue the relationship building experience of helping others.  The community is excited to have students come and help them once again.

Red Delicious Apple Picking
Do you want to experience what being in Apple State? This is a unique fundraiser to help support Walla Walla University Fund. Raise $20 per bin you fill. We have hundreds of bins ready to be filled so come out pick your heart out. Full bins will be sold for apple juice and dried fruit. Transportation provided to Milton-Freewater for the first 55 people..

Regency at the Park
Regency at the Park is a rehabilitation facility that works hard at putting their patience first. There are only 2 maintenance individuals for the entire facility. They need your help with trimming shrubs and cleaning flowerbeds so the facility will be ready for winter.

Service Resilience Focus Group in the Atlas
Life is hard, but focusing on the negative doesn't help you overcome the challenges that you face. With resilience we can create good habits to over come challenges. October is Resilience month so come and brainstorm with others on way that we can promote resilience in our community. There will be a special guest, Teri Barila, who has started the resilience initiative in Walla Walla. 

Service Day Breakfast Crew
Come help make breakfast for all those who signed up to volunteer! 10 lucky individuals will get first dips on fresh food for the service crew. This project will start around 6:30 AM and will be over by 8:30 A.M. 

Service Day Photography and Videography
CHE is looking for 10 photographers or videographers who will go around to the different service projects and record the fun memories being made. The photos and videos can be used for class projects but must be released to the CHE office to be shared with the community. 

Service Day Task Force Team (Morning) - ASWWU
This crew will help set up the CTC bowl, check-in volunteers, distribute t-shirts and vests, direct volunteers to appropriate transportation.  This project starts at 7am at the CTC bowl and is over at 10:00am. 

Service Day Task Force Team (noon)
This crew will welcome volunteers back and guiding volunteers back for lunch and debriefing. This crew will take back the tools, vests, equipment distributed and do inventory. As well, putting everything away and returning the area to its original glory. This project starts at 11:30 AM and ends after equipment is returned (2 PM).t

SonBridge Community Center
SonBridge does a lot for the community, and you can help too! This year SonBridge needs volunteers that are very organized and would love rearranging the store items to prepare for Christmas. If you don't like to organize they also need some adventurous individuals to help pick up the hillside and spruce up the exterior.

Walla Walla Public Library – ENGLISH MAJORS
English Majors! Annually the English department dedicates their time to spend some TLC at the Walla Walla Public Library.

Walla Walla Senior Center, Meals on Wheels
This is an opportunity to be trained to be meals on wheels substitute driver. Drivers deliver meals every day to elderly individuals who would not otherwise have food. This service project is a training and would be reoccurring on a need-to-need bases. This project requires additional paper work to be submitted a week before the project.

Wheatland Village, Memory Care Unit
38 residents are looking for company and they need you! Come and join in on the fun with arts and craft projects with the residents.

Whitman Mission National Historic Site
Do you like tipis? Come help Whitman Mission with their tipi inventory. They need 5 volunteers to ensure that each tipi has the correct number of poles, and the poles are properly bundled. You will also get to set up one or more tipis!

Yeehaw Aloha
If remodeling or organization is your thing, this is the project for you. Yeehaw Aloha is dedicated to the community wellbeing and almost all of their proceeds go to youth camps. The Running Club promotes this activity!

YWCA Walla Walla, Take Steps against Domestic Violence - SOCIAL WORK CLUB
Take Steps Against domestic Violence walk occurs annually to share the stores of individuals who have lost their lives to domestic violence. This project entails helping YWCA set up for this walk by distributing stories along the walk route. This project is promoted by the Social Work Club.