Tri College Community Day 2024

Service Day is about students and community coming together to make an impact. Twice a year an entire day is dedicated to being engaged in Service Day. This is a campus-wide event that occurs twice a year, where students and faculty participate in service projects for local organizations and private residents.

Community service is one of Walla Walla University's core values - Generosity in Service and an important part of the WWU experience. Please join us for another great service opportunity through our Tri-College Community Service Day on April 21, 2024 from 12 pm to 4 pm. It will be located at Fort Walla Walla Park, free lunch will be provided. Visit the getconnected website to sign up for a project! Hope to see you there! 

April 21, 2024 Tri-College Community Day

Here is a list of projects! Please note when signing up, their availability. 

Questions? or sign up for a project here. 

Photography Crew - Center for Humanitarian Engagement (CHE)

Attention all photography enthusiasts! We are seeking volunteers to capture this event through the lens of a camera. As a member of our photography group, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow photographers and document the projects in a unique and compelling way. Photographers will be given a map of grouped project locations to go around and take pictures. Transportation and cameras are not provided

Max Volunteers: 5 (please check availability; limited spots available)

Antiques Roadshow - Treasure or Trash! - Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce 

The Walla Walla Valley Chamber of Commerce is excited to submit this proposal to participate in the upcoming Tri-College Community Day. As an active member of our community, we recognize the significance of this event in fostering collaboration and celebrating the diverse talents and resources of our region. Through our participation, we aim to engage with community members, showcase our Chamber and initiatives and contribute to the collective spirit of collaboration and growth.

Max Volunteers: (project is full)

Riparian Blackberry Removal - Welcome Table Farm 

Do you enjoy working outside? If so, this might be the project for you! Help us remove blackberries and other invasive species from around native plantings in our riparian plantings along Yellowhawk and Lassiter Creeks. Work will include pruning, digging and hauling. Please wear gloves, long pants, long sleeves, and closed-toed shoes. 

Max Volunteers: (project is full)

Backpack Bridge Bag Build - BMAC Food Bank 

Volunteers will assist by helping the Food Bank build 2,500 Backpack Bridge bags that will continue to go out to students to help bridge food between school lunches on Fridays to School Breakfasts on Mondays.

Volunteers will put together a 5-pound bag by walking around a created menu and placing items into bags. You will also have a chance to assist with breaking open product boxes, breaking down empty boxes, taping bags closed, and placing completed bags in bins.

Please wear close-toed shoes and bring a water bottle!

Max Volunteers: (project is full)

Organization of Processing Center - Hope Heals Walla Walla 

Choose this volunteer opportunity to assist in organizing the Hope Heals Walla Walla processing center! Volunteers will help pack any care packages, sort donations, and organize shelves of donations.

Make sure to bring a water bottle!

Max Volunteers: 10 (please check availability; limited spots available)

Pollinator Flower Garden Dig at Berney Elementary - Sustainable Living Center 

Do you enjoy gardening? If so, this might be the project for you! Volunteers will assist with a variety of garden tasks, including preparation of a portion of the Berney Elementary School Garden to plant flowers for cut flowers and pollinator support. Doing this project will involve manual labor, including moving bark chips, prepping soil, placing a border to delineate the cut flower/pollinator garden, tidying garden beds and similar tasks. Most work will be exposed to sun/weather and will require bending, stooping, lifting, and digging. A pop-up tent will be available for breaks and protection from the weather.

Wear closed heel, closed toe shoes and clothing appropriate for working outside in the garden. If you have gloves feel free to bring them, but additional gloves will be provided if necessary! Refreshments will be provided, but make sure to bring a water bottle. 

This is a family-friendly project! The playground is close by and children can be easily monitored while at play.

Max Volunteers: (project is full)

Rubbish Cleanup Along Public Streets in College Place - City of College Place 

Choose this project to assist in trash cleanup along the streets in College Place! Volunteers will be picking up trash and putting it into garbage bags along SE Tamaurson, SE Meadowbrook, Lamperti, and East Whitman Drive.

Make sure to bring a water bottle and a jacket in case it gets cold out!

Max Volunteers: 20 (please check availability; limited spots available)

Sharpstein Garden Wrap-Up - Sustainable Living Center 

Choose this project to assist in finishing up elements of the school garden build! This project could include building picnic tables, laying out drip irrigation, labeling and organizing in the shed, filling beds with dirt, etc. 

Please wear closed heel, closed toe shoes and clothing appropriate for the weather and working in a garden. Water will be available, but please bring your water bottle for refilling!

Max Volunteers: 6 (please check availability; limited spots available)

Clay Prep for Art Lessons! - Carnegie Picture Lab 

Do you enjoy creating art and working with your hands? If so, this might be the project for you! Volunteers will be portioning and bagging clay for use in our elementary art program. This project requires some minor lifting of 25lb blocks of clay. 

We will be working with clay so please wear clothing that can get dirty! Don't forget to bring a water bottle.

Max Volunteers: (project is full)

Keep the Horses in and the Deer Out! - Blue Mountain Therapeutic Riding 

Do you like horses and working on farms? This volunteer opportunity involves assembling a horse fence and adding yard/pasture debris to a giant burn pile. Volunteers should anticipate lifting, bending, lots of fresh air, and horse smooches!

Wear long pants, closed toe shoes, and a water bottle. Gloves will be provided, but feel free to bring your own if you desire!

Max Volunteers: 50 (please check availability; limited spots available)

Your Power - Tu Poder - Walla Walla Immigrant Rights Coalition

The Walla Walla Immigrant Rights Coalition seeks volunteers to share information on Know Your Rights and ways to be civilly engaged to the Walla Walla Immigrant community and their families. We will meet at the Pioneer United Method Church in Walla Walla and depending on the number of volunteers, disperse information packets throughout the Walla Walla Valley area, both posting information in public spaces and neighborhoods.

Please wear warm clothing, comfortable walking shoes, and a water bottle. 

Max Volunteers: (project is full)

Spring Cleaning at the Museum! - Fort Walla Walla Museum

Do you enjoy spending time in museums? If so, choose this project to assist the Fort Walla Walla Museum with spring cleaning. sweeping, dusting mule replicas, and cleaning glass cases. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to participate in library organization tasks like digitizing scrapbooks of various historic news clippings, organizing a collection of historic local newspapers, and working on transcribing a handwritten journal!

Make sure to bring a water bottle!

Max Volunteers: 12 (please check availability; limited spots available)

Spring Cleaning at the Theatre! - Gesa Power House Theatre 

Do you enjoy the theatre? If so, you can choose this project to help the Gesa Power House Theatre in deep cleaning tables and chairs, dusting cobwebs as needed, as well as cleaning the wine garden fencing! You can sit or stand while doing this, or even use a power washer for the fence.

Make sure to bring a water bottle!

Max Volunteers: 15 (please check availability; limited spots available)

Wildlife Movement Barrier Fence Removal - US Army Corps of Engineers - Mill Creek Project 

Do you enjoy spending time outside and protecting the environment? Choose this exciting project overlooking the Walla Walla valley on the scenic Mill Creek Project! The event starts with a half hour college level presentation on the US Army Corps of Engineers Mill Creek Project mission. The presentation will focus on human-environment interface, highlighting flood control with intended and non-intended benefits/impacts. We will also address our responsibility to consider and address impacts to the environment as well cultural and social issues. After the presentation we will move to the field to remove internal fences that are impeding wildlife movement on the Mill Creek Project.

This project is also of special interest for students studying environmental science and engineering. If this applies to you, this project would be a great opportunity to gain valuable educational and work experience!

Water will be provided, but make sure to bring a personal water container and snacks as desired! Wear good shoes (no open toed shoes, sandals, or flip-flops), a hat, sunscreen, full length pants, a long sleeve shirt, and bring a jacket in case of cold weather or rain.

Max Volunteers: 25 (please check availability; limited spots available)

Spring Cleaning at the Water Center Gardens - Water & Environmental Center 

Volunteers will assist with the spring-time cleaning and prepping of the habitat gardens around the Water & Environmental Center. Tasks may include: raking leaves, trimming shrubs, pulling weeds, leveling gravel paths, moving debris to disposal piles, resetting edging, sweeping, etc. Projects will be located close to the Water Center, so restrooms and water will be available when needed. Gardens can be accessed by wheelchair, if needed.

Please wear clothes that you don't mind doing some light gardening in (long pants, closed-toed shoes, shade hat, etc.); gloves and hand tools will be provided. Dress for the weather. Water and snacks will be provided.

Max Volunteers: 20 (please check availability; limited spots available)

Trail Building and Maintenance - Center for Humanitarian Engagement (CHE) 

Do you like rock climbing? What about trails? If you want to spend a service day working outdoors, then this is the job for you! Volunteers will build new trails and maintain those that access the Wallula Gap Climbing area.

Make sure to bring a water bottle! Also, wear close-toed shoes and dress appropriately for working outside. 

This project is 37 miles away, so bring a friend and carpool. 

Max Volunteers: 9 (please check availability; limited spots available)

Drive GREEN! An e-car ride and drive educational event - Whitman College: CELRI e-car event

Are you interested in electric cars? Pick this project to help participants fill out the required paperwork for the "ride and drive", manage safety concerns, and provide educational information about living sustainably. We will help those interested access the State of Washington digital links that allow the public to see locations planned for fast electric charging stations and to add or like proposed station locations. Volunteers will help manage the free snacks (popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy) provided while participants read the information or wait for their turn in the ride and drive.

Max Volunteers: 15 (please check availability; limited spots available)