Walla Walla University
Automated External Defibrillator
Operating Plan

It is well-recognized in emergency medicine that early defibrillation for a pulse-less person has a greater potential for saving that person’s life than if defibrillation is delayed. This knowledge coupled with Walla Walla University’s commitment to the health and safety of students, employees and visitors has prompted Walla Walla University to secure AEDs (see locations on previous web page) for use on campus. The AEDs will enable University personnel/students or the public to deliver early defibrillation to victims in the first critical moments after a sudden cardiac arrest. Of course, the availability and use of an AED does not ensure that all lives will be saved. While Walla Walla University will provide AEDs at the listed locations and training to selected staff and students. Walla Walla University does not provide EMS First Responder service. Use of an AED should not replace the care provided by emergency medical services (EMS) providers, but it is meant to provide a lifesaving bridge during the first few critical minutes it takes for advanced life support providers to arrive. The College Place Fire Department currently supplies EMS First Responder service to the campus. The health and safety of students, employees and visitors is a priority. This Operating Plan, the training, and use of an AED should not be construed as an expectation that any person should unduly risk life or health when attempting to aid another.

Across the hall from Marketing & Enrollment

Renee Unterseher, Marketing & Enrollment Services

First floor, west hallway

Lana Van Dorn, Administrative Assistant


Office (taken to most large events)

Courtney Bryant, Director of Campus Security

Southeast Entry

Pamela Fry, Technology Office Manager

Front Desk

Katherine Gonzalez, Associate Dean of Women

Cafeteria main entrance

Michael Benca, Manager


Paul Starkebaum and Anthony Handal, Associate Deans

First floor, center

Raechel Stuart, Administrative Assistant

Lindgren Hall lobby

David Habenicht, Facility Director


Jim Nestler, Academic Director

Front Desk

Paul Starkebaum and Anthony Handal, Associate Deans

Foyer Desk

Shauna Gifford, Office Manager

1. Near 4th St. main entrance doors

2. Pool area near pool office

Michael Jimenez, Facility Manager


3. Second Floor, Across from the Nursing Office

Becky Connell, Advisor & Admin. Assist.