Financial clearance

Each quarter, all students go through a process called "Financial Clearance." This process reviews several important tasks:

  • Makes sure the student has completed all required documents for financial aid
  • Makes sure the student has paid their down payment for the new term
  • Allows the student to grant permissions to parents/sponsors to receive paper statements from WWU and/or discuss the student's finances with WWU
  • Makes sure the hours enrolled matches the hours used for awarding financial aid
  • Asks the student several "permission" questions dealing with financial aid and also how WWU communicates with the student

Steps to completing financial clearance: 

  1. Log on to myWWU(If you have difficulty logging on to myWWU, contact WWU computer support at (509) 527-2317 during regular business hours).
  2. Select HighPoint from the app center
  3. Click on “Financials” and select “Financial Clearance” from the drop down menu
  4. Start Financial Clearance
  5. Proceed through each screen as prompted
  6. You’ll know you have successfully completed financial clearance when you see Bouncing Ben
  7. Your next step after Financial Clearance is registration finalization.

If you don't have Financial Clearance by the deadline, you are automatically dropped from your classes. Because other students may be waitlisted for a class you are in, you may not be able to get into the same classes when you later get Financial Clearance.

We're committed to making the Financial Clearance process as smooth as possible. If you have questions while you're completing Financial Clearance, call us at (509) 527-2815 or email us at We're here to help YOU!

  1. Review the items on your To Do list. You can see these on myWWU. Some of these may need to be completed before you can complete Financial Clearance.
  2. Undergraduates: if you are not going to be living in a residence hall, and you are under 22, not married, and not a senior, you will need to submit your Housing Approval form. This is needed each year. This is needed even if you will be living with your parents. Allow one business day for processing.
  3. Making your down payment is not the last step in Financial Clearance. Be sure to return to the Financial Clearance screen and finish the process after making a payment.
  4. Most screens have a (+) button to give you more information.
  5. You can complete Financial Clearance from home. Even if you don't want to make the down payment yet, you can complete the rest of the steps and make sure you don't have any other tasks needing to be completed
  6. After Financial Clearance, you will need to do Registration Finalization. Because you will need to meet with your advisor first, most students finish this step after arriving on campus.