Resources for Campus Employers

COVID-19 and on-campus employment

Q. What is the procedure for requesting approval for a student to work on campus?
A. Each department chair or director must request permission from the vice president of their area to hire students to work on campus. The vice president will need the following information:

  • The number of student employee positions needed for work on campus.
  • The rationale for why each student employee position is critical to the mission of WWU.
  • The rationale for why each student employee must work on campus rather than through a telework arrangement.
  • A description of the basic duties and possible risk factors related to the coronavirus/COVID-19 for each student employee position.
  • An explanation of work environment precautions that will protect student employees and faculty/staff.


Job Posting Form - Advertise your available jobs in Job Scene.
Student Employment Handbook 
Student Hiring System - Log in and select Student Hiring System from the Main Menu to authorize your employees to work
Student Hiring System Documentation - Instructions for using the Student Hiring System
Student Worker Evaluation Form - Standardized evaluation form for all student employees
Student Pay Dates - Look up time card submission due date
Summer Worker Agreement