Is your business or organization missing someone?


Hire part-time, and get reimbursed up to 70% (for Work Study-eligible employers)

Expansive skill set

WWU students know accounting, social marketing, tech, and more

Minimal risk

No long-term hiring commitment; preview the workforce of the future

Post your jobs for free

Walla Walla University offers a free advertising service for local businesses with openings for college students. Post your positions in our Job Scene by using our online job posting form and get the details by reading our job posting disclaimer.

Why you should hire a WWU student

See what employers are saying about WWU students and why hiring one could save you money.
Have more questions about hiring a WWU student? Email or call (509) 527-2357.

Win, win

Call our student employment office at (509) 527-2357 or send an email to to learn more about hiring a student.

Businesses save big

There’s work, there’s study and then there’s Work-Study. See which one saves your business money.

10 Reasons to Hire a WWU Student Part-time

  1. You’ll get fresh ideas and valuable skills for your business.
  2. WWU students are encouraged to be ethical, service-minded individuals with high personal standards of integrity.
  3. Students are affordable to hire.
  4. If the job is eligible for the Work-Study Program, the government will pay 40 to 70% of the wages—which will stretch your labor budget even further.
  5. If the job is within the student’s area of study, you’ll have access to the latest teachings in the field.
  6. It’s a great way to screen for prospective full-time employees.
  7. Students can fill a wide range of jobs.
  8. You’ll be investing in the future by helping students get experience. 
  9. You’ll be in good company with the many Walla Walla businesses who say “yes” to hiring
    WWU students.
  10. You’ll support good financial decisions for students, some of who will be on track for a low- or no-debt college education.

Who's hiring WWU students?

Here are just some of the employers that have hired WWU students for part-time positions: 

  • Providence Medical Group
  • Andy’s Market
  • Baker Boyer Bank
  • Banner Bank
  • Camp Fire Walla Walla
  • Children’s Home Society
  • College Place School District
  • Home Depot
  • Key Technology, Inc.
  • Port of Walla Walla
  • Providence St. Mary Medical Center
  • Serenity Point Counseling
  • Ski Bluewood
  • Sykes Enterprises, Inc.
  • Tektoniks Corp.
  • The Ark Day School
  • The Inn at the Woodhaven Farm
  • Trilogy Recovery Community
  • United Way of Walla Walla
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Walla Walla District
  • USDA Forest Service Walla Walla Ranger District
  • Walla Walla Community Hospice
  • Walmart
  • Wenzel Nursery
  • Windermere Real Estate

In addition to businesses, many individuals hire WWU students as well.