Secondary Resources

Adventist Education standards There is a folder for each subject taught in grades 9-12.  Reference only version: IM/SD 373 Se82. Links to SDA standards and other sites

Free test prep for NES subjects areas

Washington State K-12 Learning Standards You may view, print, or download the standards for each subject area.

Textbooks for grades 9-12;

      Government IM/TB 320's

      Languages IM/TB 400's

      Sciences and Mathematics IM/TB 500's

      Essential Living Skills  IM/TB 600's

      Fine Arts IM/TB 700's

      Literature  IM/TB 800's

      History and Geography IM/TB 900's

High School Level Literature:

      Adolescent Literature

      Writing Reading Workshop for grades 9-12

Science equipment

Children's Literature - A picture book may be used with high school students to introduce a topic or start a discussion.  Some students may benefit from reading about a topic at an easier reading level.  The combination of visual images with the text can enhance memory of concepts.  Elements of writing and various genres are easily explored in these shorter works.  Art students can explore different styles.


     Internet site with browser based games for various subjects: Games for Change