The WWU guide to student success

We take pride in providing a multitude of student support services across campus to ensure students are well cared for and have the best chance to succeed in college.

Getting started

Start your college experience off on the right foot. These resources will help you navigate what can sometimes feel like the daunting task of orientation, registration, and financial clearance.


JumpStart is a week long freshman orientation designed to help first-time freshmen transition from high school to the privileges and responsibilities of being a student at Walla Walla University. This week of orientation gives you the opportunity to settle into the dorm before classes begin, learn your way around campus, meet your advisor, get help finishing registration tasks, get to know your classmates, and learn from courses specifically designed to help you succeed in college.
Learn more, view the schedule, and register >

New student registration can feel overwhelming but with the help of our Academic Advisement office, your class registration is a phone call away. You can contact any member of the Academic Advisement office in-person or by a virtual visit, and our Academic Advisement director will help you find the right major and classes for you.

To enroll in classes contact the office of Academic Advisement at (800) 558-2132 or (509) 527-2132 or schedule an appointment online

If you are new to our campus, we offer a free introductory meeting to get you acquainted with our university. Our orientation provides key information to help you transition to the WWU campus. You can contact Academic Advisement for any questions about transfer student orientation.

Questions? Contact Academic Advisement (509) 527-2132 or

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Scholarships are a great way to help reduce the cost of a college education. Scholarships are awarded for academic excellence, student leadership, and other accomplishments. Some scholarships consider financial need and others do not. Some will require a copy of your high school or college academic transcript.

For more information on WWU’s scholarships, as well as tips on searching for scholarships, review WWU’s scholarship page>

Some scholarships are renewable, if you meet the scholarship’s requirements. For example, WWU’s Achievement Scholarship is renewable for a total of 12 quarters, if the student stays at WWU, and maintains a 3.00 cumulative GPA. Review each scholarship you are awarded to see if it is renewable, and what you have to do. Some scholarships require you to submit your transcript to show your grades and completed classes in order to renew for the following school year. 

Financial Clearance - Student Financial Services

Each quarter, all students go through a process called "Financial Clearance." This process reviews several important tasks:

  • Makes sure the student has completed all required documents for financial aid
  • Allows the student to grant permissions to parents/sponsors to receive paper statements from WWU and/or discuss the student's finances with WWU
  • Makes sure the hours enrolled matches the hours used for awarding financial aid
  • Asks the student several "permission" questions dealing with financial aid and also how WWU communicates with the student

Steps to completing financial clearance

Concerned about finances? Find out how affordable a WWU education can be

We want to make sure we are both on the same page when it comes to your academic career. By finalizing your registration, you will know that all your information is up to date and that your classes are on track for the coming quarter. You know you are finished with registration when you see the graphic of Jumping Einstein. Once you have seen Jumping Einstein, it takes about 60 minutes for your ID card to be activated for charging at The Express and the University Bookstore.

Registration Finalization for First-Time Freshmen will be completed at JumpStart after the student has met with their Academic Advisor and chosen their mentor. 

To complete registration finalization complete the following steps:

Step 1: Log into your myWWU.
Step 2: Click on HighPoint
Step 3: Select Registration Finalization in the Enrollment menu 
Step 4: Start the registration finalization process.


Always ask! There are many people on campus prepared to help you navigate life as a college student. Talk to your mentor, your advisor, your RA, a dean, or a professor. You can always email to be directed to the right department to get your questions answered.

Tools for success

These tools are provided throughout your college experience to help you plan your course and make the best financial and academic decisions.

If you are exploring majors or want to know what core classes you will need for your major, the Advisement Guidebook is a valuable tool. It allows you to research information about potential career paths, job outlooks, salaries and a suggested four-year plan.

Explore Guidebook Pages for each major>

An all school calendar is available to view online to keep track of important deadlines and activities on campus.

View upcoming events on the Campus Calendar >

Your degree audit is an important tool to keep track of your academic program requirements. This tool can help you see your progress towards earning your degree at WWU.

Review your degree audit by:

1. Logging into myWWU
2. Select PeopleSoft Student Center Classic
3. Select Degree Audit from Menu


Ever have questions about what it costs per credit or fees for various classes? The financial bulletin outlines various charges, fees, and financial policies.

Review Financial Bulletin>

Our GPA calculator allows you to gauge how certain classes and/or transfer credits or repeat courses will affect your cumulative GPA. Tip: The fastest way to reaching a higher GPA is to repeat if a C- or lower.

Fill out the following items in the GPA Calculator:

1. Enter total credits earned up to this quarter and cumulative GPA.

2. Enter information for

  • current courses including class name
  • number of credits
  • grade you expect to receive.

3. GPA calculator will calculate your cumulative and term GPA for the quarter

You may also use the GPA calculator to enter a desired cumulative GPA and see what sort of grades you need to earn in future terms to reach or maintain your goal.

If you have questions about the GPA calculator, you can contact Academic Records at (509) 527-2811 or

Easily access online forms you may need throughout your college career to:

  • Change Registration
  • Petition Academic Standards
  • Transfer Course Approval
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Transcript Request

Access Student Forms>

Contact Academic Records at (509) 527-2811 or with additional questions.

Want to know how much math, science, or English you need to take? The undergraduate bulletin enables you to answer these questions and more. You will find that the undergraduate bulletin provides all the details you need to understand the requirements for graduation, general studies, and academic policies.

Review the Undergraduate Bulletin>

Supplemental Education

We want you to be academically successful. If you need to freshen up your writing or math skills before taking a required class, we have specially designed courses to help you out.

We also want you to have a fulfilling, successful career, and we have classes designed to help you figure out what that career should be.

To support your success in ENGL 121 College Writing I, we offer an an introductory reading and writing class that refines grammar, word usage, and punctuation skills.

Course Description

Having trouble deciding a major or exploring careers? This class is for you. Take Career Explorations as an elective to help you explore majors, access career tests, build a resume and learn effective interviewing techniques and job search strategies.

Course Description

Want to learn strategies that will give you foundational skills for academic and personal life success? Statistics show that if you take advantage of this opportunity and use the strategies provided in the On Course class, they will have a positive influence on your academic success.

Course Description

You will have the opportunity to build your math skills by completing one or two of the foundational math courses offered. Talk to your academic advisor to select the best course for your academic success.

MDEV 001 Course Description

MDEV 003 Course Description


There are many programs and policies created for the purpose of helping you succeed in college. 

Discover Program

Deciding a major can be tough. You're not alone. Get the support you need as you discover a major that best fits you through specialized advising, career development courses, and  specialized attention.

Contact Academic Advising to learn more about how this program can help you discover your calling >

The Honors Program immerses you in smaller, more personalized courses with an interdisciplinary approach, providing you a richer, well-rounded, academically challenging college experience. You must apply and be accepted into the Honors Program.

Learn more about the Honors Program>

Progress reports are available for faculty to submit updates on your academic progress. If you receive a progress report you will receive an email notice through your WWU email.

If you receive a report, visit with your instructor and advisor to increase your probability of success.

To best encourage the probability of your academic success, we have set in place a system to make sure any struggles you might have are detected early when it is still feasible to make the changes necessary to academically succeed.


SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress)

All students are reviewed each quarter to make sure they are making Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) towards their degree. This happens whether or not you receive financial aid. As an undergraduate student, you are required to complete 70% of the credits you take. That’s 70% of the credits each quarter, as well as 70% of all of your credits attempted, including your transfer credits. You also have to maintain at least a 2.00 GPA, both each quarter and cumulative. Your eligibility for financial aid ends when you have attempted 275 credits.

If you don’t meet these standards one quarter you are put on “Warning” status. If you don’t meet these standards two quarters in a row your financial aid is canceled. Exceptions are handled by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee.

Freshmen and Sophomores students who do not complete 70% of their credits will be enrolled in GNRL 102- On Course the next quarter if not previously enrolled or did not successfully complete the course with a C- or above.

SAP Policy>

Student Success Policy>

We want you to be successful at WWU! Academic warning is an alert if your current term or cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0.

Freshmen and Sophomores placed on academic warning will be enrolled in GNRL 102- On Course the next quarter if not previously enrolled or did not successfully complete the course with a C- or above.

Review Academic Warning Policy>

Review Student Success On Course Policy>

There are certain guidelines for academic probation that will help you get back on track. You will be required to reduce your course load, meet regularly with a mentor and work closely with your academic advisor.

Freshmen and Sophomores placed on academic warning will be enrolled in GNRL 102- On Course the next quarter if not previously enrolled or did not successfully complete the course with a C- or above.

Academic Probation Policy>

Student Success Policy>


How you live on campus (where you eat, where you work out, how you spend your free time, etc.) is integral to your happiness and success in college. WWU supports you as a whole person through a range of on-campus programs and services.


Advisors help students pursue an academic discipline suited to unique gifts which God has blessed you. They provide you with expert advice in career planning, goal setting and advise in course selection.

You will be assigned an advisor based on your chosen academic discipline and pre-professional program.

Questions? Contact Academic Advisement >

ASWWU - Associated Students of Walla Walla University

ASWWU is the highly active, organized, and vibrant community that works to improve the lives of all WWU students. ASWWU operates 10 departments and is the largest employer of students on campus. Working for ASWWU can help you gain experience and develop skills, such as project management, event planning and fundraising, that will enhance your resume. You can also stretch and strengthen your leadership skills by running for an ASWWU office or by joining ASWWU Senate, the legislative branch of the student association.
Visit to learn more >

Campus Ministries

You’ll find a faith family at WWU where you can grow in your spiritual walk with support from many different departments, including Campus Ministries. Campus Ministries provides a variety of worship opportunities each week for students to choose from and participate in. Campus Ministries encourages students to get involved and provides many leadership opportunities.
Discover the weekly opportunities for worship and learn how to get involved as a student leader >

Campus Security

Campus Security exists to protect the people and property of Walla Walla University. Our director and staff provide a number of services including: CPR/first aid, security escorts, crime prevention information, vehicle registration/parking permits, criminal incident reporting and investigation, lost and found, and battery jumping, and more.
Learn more about safety procedures and meet our security officers >

Student Development Center

Our Student Development Center (SDC) prepares you for success through providing peer tutoring and offering services to launch you on a successful career. Discover more resources provided by the Student Development Center > 

Career Services
Career Services can connect you with extensive internship databases, application and interview training, industry leaders, training on optimizing your LinkedIn profile, business etiquette training, personality and interest testing, and provides job fairs. Learn more about how career services can set you up for success >

Peer Tutoring
Peer tutoring is a free resource available to all WWU students.
View the tutoring schedule for tutoring >

Apply to be a tutor >

Computer Support

Our Computer Support team maintains campus computer hardware and provides a Help Desk, a resource for all faculty, staff, and students. Computer Support can answer general computing questions, help solve problems with your user account (like resetting your password) and WWU email, and can perform computer repairs for free. You only pay for necessary parts. 
Find out more about how Computer Support can assist you>

Counseling and Testing

Counseling Services

A variety of challenges can arise. As a WWU student you can access free counseling services on campus to support you through some of life's challenges through a holistic approach.

Request Counseling Services>


Testing Services

Standardized tests and personality tests are available to you on campus.

Testing Services>

Disability Support Services

Disability Support Services offers dedicated support for students who have special needs because of a disability. Some of these services include providing books in an audio format, note takers, and tutors.
Learn more about resources and services offered >

Health services

The College Place Health Clinic provides health services for WWU students on the university campus in College Place. The College Place Health Clinic is provided by Columbia County Health System and provides you with access to a registered nurse practitioner.
Learn more about how health services can support you >


All freshmen receive professional mentoring each year to help them navigate the first year of college. These specially trained mentors check in with you each week and can connect you with academic, social, and financial resources. This program increases the likelihood that a student will stay in college and students find that it improves their grade-point average. Learn more about the program and contact the coordinator >

Parent relations

Our close-knit campus is deliberately designed so that students will find lifelong friendships with their peers, and most importantly with Jesus Christ. To fulfill this mission, we strive to partner with the parents of our students. We have many resources for parents to stay in-the-know about campus life and how to best support their student when they become part of our family. Learn more about the resources we provide for parents >

Peterson Memorial Library

Our library is more than just a house for books. It’s where our students study in hidden alcoves and collaborate in group meeting rooms. It’s where you can make an appointment with a research librarian to help you ace that final paper, and it’s also where you can find all print, web, media, and journal resources you need for every research project. If the PML doesn’t have what you’re looking for, they can borrow it for you from other libraries in their network. If you want a spot to work as a group, you can reserve a room, and the library has a dedicated computer lab and printing space for all your class needs. Search the library catalog, see a library map, and reserve a study room >

Residential Life

We pride ourselves on being a residential campus where students live, work, and study together. This provides our students (nearly 80 percent are residential) the best support we can offer for a successful academic experience. Our residence hall deans and resident assistants are always available to offer you support. 
Learn more about life in the residence halls and meet the deans >

Student Employment

Working helps reduce your student debt, builds your resume and increases your chance of success in college. The Office of Student Employment facilitates the hiring of students for on-campus jobs and provides resources for students looking for work in the community. 
View a list of available job opportunities on Job Scene >

Student Financial Services

You probably already know that a Walla Walla University Christian education is a great investment, perhaps the most important one you'll ever make. But there’s one thing you may not know: how to make it happen. That’s why we’re here, to guide you through the process and help you every step of the way. The Office of Student Financial Services helps students find financial aid, facilitates student employment, processes loans, and manages your student account. 

Meet the team, learn about financial aid

Concerned about finances? Find out how affordable a WWU education can be

Student Missions

Each year dozens of our students choose to serve around the world as teachers, deans, humanitarian aides and orphanage helpers. Our benchmark service program leads in training, support, and placement rates at dozens of locations. Student missionaries return from their experiences with stronger leadership skills, clearer goals, and more determined lives. Engage in service by becoming a student missionary >

University Church

The people of Walla Walla University Church are family to Walla Walla University, and especially to the students who study, work, play, and pray here. The Walla Walla University Church works closely with Campus Ministries to provide spiritual support for our students. Each week the WWU Church worship service is streamed live at 11:45 a.m. You can be a part of our church family no matter where in the world you happen to be.
Meet our pastors and worship with us live online>

Varsity athletics, intramural, and recreational opportunities

We are the Walla Walla University Wolves. Our varsity athletic teams include women’s volleyball, men’s soccer, women’s and men’s basketball, women’s softball, and women’s and men’s golf. We offer a robust intramural program in a variety of sports from basketball to table tennis. You’ll find fitness centers in the Winter Educational Complex and in the residence halls. These facilities provide equipment for a range of workouts including weight training, CrossFit training, circuit training, aerobic equipment, and more.
Learn more about the Wolves and our intramural program at>