Using LockDown Browser for online testing

LockDown browser is a special browser (like Chrome or Safari or Firefox), designed specifically for you to use when taking an online exam. While using LockDown browser you can’t print, use other applications on your computer, or visit other websites. This helps to preserve the integrity of online testing. Not all quizzes or exams you take online will require LockDown browser. When it is required, it will be obvious when you launch the quiz in Brightspace (the WWU Learning Management System). You will be given the option to either download the browser or to launch the browser and begin the quiz. 

Taking a quiz

Step 1: Navigate to the quiz in Brightspace and download LockDown browser

The first time you access a quiz or test that requires LockDown browser, you’ll need to download the program and install it on your computer. On-screen prompts will guide you through the installation process.


Step 2: Return to the quiz and launch the browser

Once you've installed the browser, return to the original screen that has the quiz you need to take and select the "Launch LockDown browser" button to begin the quiz. 

When you launch LockDown browser, it may warn you that you may have to close other programs before you can start using it—apps like Teams, or other instant messaging or screen recording apps.

Once you start taking the exam in LockDown browser, you won’t be able to do other things on your computer until you submit the exam. When you’re done with the exam, you can exit LockDown browser and return to using your computer like normal.




Virtual proctoring

Sometimes, an exam might require that you have a webcam. This will record what happens in your test-taking area during the exam so your instructor can review it afterward. If a webcam is required, when you start the test in LockDown Browser, you’ll be guided through a check to make sure your webcam is working correctly. When the exam is finished and you submit it for grading, the webcam will shut off automatically.

Supported devices

LockDown Browser is available for both Windows and Mac computers. If you would like to use an iPad to take your exam, first check with your instructor to ensure that the test has been configured appropriately to allow iPads, then download the Lockdown Browser app from the app store.

Computer Support

If you have trouble with LockDown Browser, you can contact the computer support Help Desk. If you're still unable to resolve a technical issue with LockDown Browser, go to and select "Submit a Ticket". Provide detailed information about your problem and what steps you have taken to resolve it.