Online Learning Policies

Duration of Online Courses

Online courses operate within the quarter structure of Walla Walla University. Students must register within the time parameters of on-site registration. They must complete coursework within the quarter of registration. If students show cause for a reasonable extension of time to complete coursework, they must complete a request for incomplete with their instructor.

Dropping an Online Course

If you wish to drop an online course, complete the Change of Registration Form.

  • If dropping the 7th week of the quarter or before, a partial refund is available. 
  • If dropping the 8th week of the quarter or later, no refund is available.

Tuition refunds are determined according to the WWU Tuition Refund policy

Student Appeals

Students have a right to appeal decisions and actions relating to their programs. Appeals should be directed to the Director of Distance Learning who will direct the appeal to the appropriate campus committee for further administrative action. If satisfaction is not obtained, students may consult the Walla Walla University Grievance Policy.

Tuition rates for Online Courses

Tuition for online courses will be the same as the published tuition rate for other courses at Walla Walla University.

Academic Integrity Policy

An integral part of the mission of Walla Walla University is to prepare its students to be responsible individuals with Christian values. The University expects all members of its community to have integrity, including a steadfast adherence to honesty. Faculty have a responsibility to foster integrity by example and instruction. Students have a responsibility to learn, respect, and practice integrity. All acts of dishonesty are unacceptable, including cheating, plagiarism, forgery, misrepresentation, falsification, prohibited collaboration, and prohibited use of files. Departments or schools may have specific criteria for behavior and skills suitable to their disciplines which will be communicated to students, typically in course syllabi. Violation of academic integrity will result in disciplinary action. Teachers and administrators will follow approved guidelines which are available upon request in the office of the Associate Vice President for Academic Administration.