Our faculty are a diverse group who are highly skilled in religious scholarship in their respective areas of study and deeply committed to God. Your professors will use a balanced, holistic approach in their classes, preparing you for your planned career while taking a genuine interest in your needs, interests, and experience at WWU.  


Carl P. Cosaert 

Dean, Professor of Biblical Studies: Greek and New Testament 
(509) 527-2194 | carl.cosaert@wallawalla.edu 
Administration Building 304 

Education: Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2005; M.Div., Andrews University, 1993; M.A., Nazarene Theological Seminary 

Research interests: New Testament textual criticism and early church history. 



Tiago Arrais 

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies: Theology and Old Testament 
(509) 527-2373 | tiago.arrais@wallawalla.edu 
Administration Building 324 

Education: Ph.D., Andrews University, 2016; M.A., Andrews University, 2009 
Research interests: Theology, philosophy, poetry, and literature. 

Brant Berglin 

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies: Greek and New Testament 
(509) 527-2186 | brant.berglin@wallawalla.edu 
Administration Building 323 

Education: Ph.D. candidate, Andrews University; M.A., Andrews University, 2001 
Research interests: New Testament, biblical apocalyptic literature, biblical languages, and hermeneutics. 

Mathilde Frey

Professor of Biblical Studies: Old Testament and Hebrew 
(509) 527-2379 | mathilde.frey@wallawalla.edu 
Administration Building 316 

Education: Ph.D., Andrews University, 2011; M.Div., Andrews University, 2004 
Research Interests: Old Testament and Hebrew. 

Paul Dybdahl 

Professor of Mission and New Testament 
(509) 527-2467 | paul.dybdahl@wallawalla.edu 
Administration Building 310 

Education: Ph.D., Andrews University, 2004; M.Div., Andrews University, 1995 
Research interests: Missiology, world religions, and New Testament.



Pedrito Maynard-Reid 

Professor of Biblical Studies and Missiology 
(509) 527-2028 | pedrito.maynard-reid@wallawalla.edu 

Education: Th.D., Andrews University, 1981; Th.M., Fuller University, 1995; M.Div., Andrews University, 1975; M.A., Andrews University, 1973 
Research interests: Biblical studies, missiology, and worship. 

Susan Bungard-Beck 

Instructor of Religion 
(509) 527-2610 | susan.bungard-beck@wallawalla.edu 
Administration Building 309 

Education: M.A., Walla Walla University, 2012; B.A., Walla Walla University, 1981 
Research Interests: New Testament.