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Flight training costs

In addition to the regular cost of tuition and student charges, Walla Walla University charges fees for flight training as follows:


Cessna 172$135/Hour
Cessna 182$160/Hour
Piper Arrow$160/Hour
Beechcraft Duchess$300/Hour

Aircraft training devices

Frasca Mentor$35/Hour
Frasca TruFlite$50/Hour


  • Flight and Ground: $55/Hour
  • Students will need to take an FAA Flight Medical at a cost of $100. This cannot be charged to their aviation account.
  • Each certificate has an FAA Practical Test at a cost between $500 and $900 per test. This cannot be charged to their aviation account.
Rating/LicenseCostScholarshipOut of Pocket Cost

Aviation Scholarship

Walla Walla University automatically awards aviation scholarships to subsidize a portion of the flight training costs.

For flight training classes excluding AVIA 140, Introduction to Aviation, the student receives a scholarship of $375 for each credit hour of flight course in which the student enrolls. The Aviation Scholarship is deposited into the student's aviation account from which the students aviation program fees are paid. Fees incurred will be paid from the scholarship first. Additional fees after scholarship depletion are the responsibility of the student.

Aviation Payment Options

In order to prevent delays in training students must have a payment plan in place with the Aviation office. The deadline is the Wednesday before classes begin in order to be placed on the flight schedule. There are three payment options:

  1. Payment in full for the estimated cost of the flight course for which they are registered. The student will be placed on the stop list if their balance drops below $350.
  2. The automatic payment plan can use an e-check or a credit or debit card. Charges are processed weekly. If a credit card is used a 2.25% fee is charged. Debit cards and E-checks are not subject to this fee. You can enroll in the Automatic Payment Plan at
  3. Confirmation of third party payment.

Last update on March 20, 2019