Flight student requirements


Student responsibilities for flight students to be aware of:

Extra costs
All flight courses have additional expenses. Please see the Program Costs for current aircraft rental rates and course costs.

Standard Operating Procedures

All students are required to read the current Standard Operating Procedures. Prior to their first lesson they will need to submit the Standard Operating Procedures Agreement form to either their primary instructor or front desk worker at the flight center. 

International Students
Because of Part 61 FAA regulations, we are unable to accept international students to the aviation program.

U.S Permanent Resident Students
The Transportation Security Administration requires that you apply for a security threat assessment and receive an eligibility determination before you can begin your flight training. Under U.S. law WWU is prohibited from training any U.S. Permanent Resident flight students unless they have completed this process. Apply for a security threat assessment.

Walla Walla University Aviation Program flight facility is located at Walla Walla Airport, 1724 West Boeing Ave, STE 3A, Walla Walla, WA. The flight facility is approximately 7 miles from WWU campus. Students must have their own transportation to and from the airport. We realize this is an inconvenience to some, but it is necessary for our training that our flight facility be located at this location. This provides us an airport environment with Air Traffic Control, and virtually every kind of instrument approach—these are crucial in our flight training.

Aviation Medical Certificate
Each student should receive an Aviation Medical Certificate. A first-class medical certificate is recommended, but a third-class certificate is acceptable. Students can find the nearest designated medical examiner by performing a simple Google search.

Aviation Headset
Each student is required to purchase their own personal aviation headset. Headsets with noise canceling capabilities are recommended, but not required. For more information on this please contact nathaniel.sanchez@wallawalla.edu.

Each Student is required to have purchased an iPad or iPad mini with cellular capability. The student will not necessarily need to purchase a cellular plan but it is necessary that the iPad has the capability. iPads are used for all the aviation charts we need through a program called Foreflight.