Kretschmar Observatory - Current Operations

April 2021:  We celebrated the return to campus after the COVID lockdown with an observation evening for the General Physics class and all physics majors.  The 16" telescope was used primarily to view the full moon.  The portable telescopes on the observation deck were used to view Mars.  A number of students used cell phones to capture pictures through the telescopes.  


Kretschmar Observatory History

An observatory was planned for the top of the third floor when Kretschmar Hall was built in 1962. However, since the third floor was not built at that time, neither was the observatory. When a third floor was finally added, it provided an opportunity to complete add this feature.

The observatory is situated on the roof of Kretschmar Hall and is accessible via stair from the third floor of Kretschmar Hall and via elevator from Chan Shun Pavilion. It is currently equipped with a 16" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and an external observation deck for use by smaller telescopes.

The observatory dome from the west.

Another view of the telescope.

The 16" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.

A view from the outside looking into the open dome.