Summer math experience

Student participates in paid program for potential graduate students in math



Eddie Coberly, junior math and computer science major, was accepted to an all-expense paid summer program at the University of Utah. The week-long program was specifically designed to introduce students to the university’s graduate program in mathematical biology. 

This program hosted six students from around the country who conducted research on topics emerging at the crossroads between math and biology, including cancer research and treatments. Coberly’s career goals do not include a focus in biology, but he described how he “was pleasantly surprised that math biology was interesting and fun.” 

Walla Walla University mathematics professor, Ross Magi, encouraged Coberly and other students to check out the program since he received his doctorate from the University of Utah. Coberly plans to become a mathematics professor, so this opportunity helped him experience what graduate school could be like. 

A majority of Coberly’s week was spent focusing on ordinary differential equations (ODE). Last spring, Coberly took a class on this particular topic and found it to be his favorite math class. At the University of Utah, he worked with a graduate student mentor who helped him apply his knowledge to analyze models and theorize equations that could contribute to cancer research.

During his short time on campus, Coberly observed how excited the students were about math and was able to have in-depth conversations with them on mathematical topics. He was also able to explore campus in his free time and try out food options in the area. “If you are interested in doing grad school, go out and look for as many opportunities as you can,” Coberly suggests.  

As Coberly continues researching graduate programs, he is thankful for the opportunity suggested by Magi that helped expand his experience with research in math. Get to know more about Magi and other WWU professors in the mathematics department by visiting

Posted on October 6, 2022. 


Photo of Eddie Coberly
Coberly is going on his third year here at Walla Walla University this fall.