Senior Research Papers

Each history major student conducts research and writes a paper to meet their degree requirement and faculty are actively engaged in research. Find a list of student research papers below. If you would like more information about student research papers email

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Betts, Andrea
Sacred Histories and the Battle for the Collective Memory: A Contextual Study of the Disney's America Project Amidst the Culture Wars of the Early 1990's

Brackbill, Lauren
"I'm a politician and I'm a Christian, and I see no conflict": Jimmy Carter's Religious Philosophy Applied to the Treatment of Women

Cannone, Francheska
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor: The Perception of the First Female Supreme Court Justice and Her Lasting Legacy of Change

Chan, Angelica
"A Flattering Malady": Consumption as a Fashionable and Feminine Disease in Early Nineteenth-Century England

Clouse, Sarah
"Stained with the Rebels Blood": How English Prejudices Toward the Scottish People Manifested in the Destruction of Scotland

Hagopian, Sarah
"Is he a son of Adam?": Justifying Slavery Through the Eyes of Dr. Samuel A. Cartwright

Huh, Joshua
"Black Korea": Comparing Media Perspectives on Race During the 1992 L.A. Riots

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