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Senior Research Papers

Each history major student conducts research and writes a paper to meet their degree requirement and faculty are actively engaged in research. Find a list of student research papers below. If you would like more information about student research papers email

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Buell, Victoria
The Fight for the Aleutians: The Strategic Value of Alaska during World War II

Clark, Ellen
Save Our Children: Gay Rights in The Seattle Times in the 1970s

Johnston, Kenneth
Two Sides of the Fence: An Analysis of the Different Perceptions of Life in and Surrounding the Japanese Internment Camps from 1942-1948

Malak, Atem
Pan-Africanism: Examining Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's Vision for Restoring African Pride and Dignity


Barnett, Marie
Being Protestant, Female, and Violent: Clerical Defenses of Elizabeth I from Deborah and Jael

Duclos, Philip
Principis Vult: Byzantine Influence and Degenerating Relationships on the First Crusade

Erich, Christopher J.
United States Congress Promotes Puerto Rico in the Cold War as the Example of Democracy

Fahrer, Fawn
Pettifogging Nest of Robbers: Why Thomas Jefferson wanted war with the Barbary States

Garza, Angelica
Command and Control: Governors versus Generals In the Yakima Indian War, 1855-1856

Jara, Habacuc
Is Jaws Really History? The Impact of Shark Finning on the Ocean Ecosystem

Kravig, Marinna
Look at All the Heavy Metal: The Bond between Two Unlikely Comrade and its Impact on Wartime Memorabilia on the Walla Walla Valley

Roberts, Richard
"Keep Near the Workingman": Class Conflict, Foreignness, and the Evolving Rhetoric of the Seattle Anti-Chinese Riots, 1885-1886

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Last update on February 6, 2019