Senior Research Papers

Each history major student conducts research and writes a paper to meet their degree requirement and faculty are actively engaged in research. Find a list of student research papers below. If you would like more information about student research papers email

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Beard, Tiffany
The Postwar Fate of John Klugmann and Arthur Reade; Communists from the Soe during the Cold War

Carlton, Alicia
Civilizing a Nation: The Cherokee Nation's Fight for Sovereignty Through Assimilation and Adaptation of 19th Century White American Society in New Echota

Everett, Logan
A Queen and Her Secretary: How Queen Elizabeth and William Cecil Shaped Protestant England

Gibson, Annie
Students of the White Rose: An anomalous resistance against Nazi Germany

Maddocks, Shawn
The Emerald Panthers

Moore, Victor
Independence and Prosperity for Trinidad and Tobago: The Legacy of Eric Williams and the People's National Movement

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