Fall class options

WWU offers fall-quarter classes in three modalities


Classes at Walla Walla University will be offered in three modalities during fall quarter. In this new model the university will offer more than 250 distance-learning and dual-modality classes in addition to in-person classes.

“We want all of our students to be able to participate as part of the Walla Walla University community this fall. To keep us connected in a learning environment, our faculty have prepared more than 250 online and dual-delivery courses to choose from,” said Carolyn Denney, WWU registrar.

In-person classes will meet in a classroom with faculty and students following distancing and mask protocols. There may be online components to these classes or students may be divided into groups for social distancing, but these classes will feature substantial in-person work on campus. In-person attendance will be required for these classes.

Classes held in person will be limited in size so students can maintain 6 feet of physical distance during instruction. Some traffic patterns in campus buildings may be altered to help with distancing, and convenient directional signs will be provided to help. Occupancy limits in classrooms and public spaces will allow for safe distancing. Special equipment, such as custom plexiglass dividers and high-end microphones, cameras, and other technological features, is being installed to facilitate safer interactions in classrooms and study spaces.

Dual modality classes will offer face-to-face instruction in the classroom for students who are on campus and online access for students who choose not to return to campus. These classes typically will be offered synchronously unless otherwise noted in the class schedule or on the syllabus.

Online classes will be offered in an online format. The specific online platform will be selected by the instructor and classes may meet synchronously or asynchronously.

To learn more about online and dual-modality classes, contact the WWU Academic Records office at (509) 527-2811. First-time freshmen and other new students should contact WWU Academic Advisement via wallawalla.edu/get-my-classes.

Posted Aug. 12, 2020 [updated Sept. 14, 2020]

Fall-colored leaves on campus trees just after a rain storm with a rainbow in the sky and the Jesus statue in the foreground.