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Department of Chemistry

The department offers two bachelor degrees and a minor. All of our programs benefit from the high interdisciplinary activity between departments across campus creating richer, integrated courses that are strong in science.  Contact Academic Advisement if you have questions: (509) 527-2132.

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Chemistry Major (Bachelor of Science)

This degree provides the strongest background for students pursuing a career in chemistry or a related science. A selection of advanced courses are available to prepare students for study and research in graduate school.

See course requirements for Chemistry Major (B.S.)

Biochemistry Major (Bachelor of Science)

Biochemistry is an interdisciplinary program. WWU has many strong science-related programs (engineering, physics, math), and chemistry students benefit from high interdisciplinary activity between the departments and resulting in a strong science set and an academically rigorous community.

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Chemistry Minor

A chemistry minor is an excellent addition to any major, particularly those focused on health-related professions. For example, pre-dental students will complete enough chemistry pre-requisites for dentistry to complete a chemistry minor. With an additional class beyond their chemistry pre-requisites, pre-medical students can also complete a chemistry minor.  

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