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Chad McComas shares experience with university students at business colloquium


On November 3, Chad McComas, a 1976 business alumnus from Walla Walla University, returned to speak to university students during a business colloquium. He discussed his work in homeless ministry and explored what WWU graduates could accomplish with their degree and God’s guidance. 

Following graduation, McComas worked at a summer camp and then in the Adventist church. He shared with students that it was while he was a pastor that he had a dream where God called him to minister to homeless people. He responded with, “I don't know how to,” and God answered, “I’ll show you.” 

In 1997, McComas stepped out in faith and started Set Free Christian Fellowship with the goal of helping people who felt they were not good enough to attend church. He organized a food pantry, shower stalls, clothing distribution, and laundry assistance. In 1998 he started Rogue Retreat to help get people off the street. Rogue Retreat has grown and last summer they were able to get 500 homeless people under roofs. “It doesn’t matter how they got homeless, they’ll stay homeless unless they receive help and support to put the pieces of their lives back together,” said McComas. 

The colloquium had a large turnout, predominantly business majors. Throughout the talk McComas stressed the distinction of living as a godly business person versus living as a business person who believes in God. He interacted with students and set aside time to answer questions and have one-on-one conversations with students that were interested. 

McComas' presentation went beyond simple career advice and highlighted the fact that it won’t always be easy for students to choose to serve God. McComas instructed students to find their passions, ask God for guidance, then step out in faith and do as He instructs.

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Posted Nov. 16, 2022.

Chad McComas
Chad McComas presenting at business colloquium