Power for Pohnpei

New Enactus chapter focuses on international and community outreach

Walla Walla University’s new chapter of Enactus, an international organization that fosters an environment of integrity, passion, innovation, and collaboration in order to identify potential solutions to complex issues and implement community impact projects.

Enactus at WWU works to better the community through outreach to local nonprofit organizations, such as Blue Mountain Humane Society. They arrange small, one-hour projects with these organizations that make it easier for students who don’t have much time to donate for big projects but still want to help with community outreach.

Not only does Enactus work with local organizations, but they also do global outreach projects. Most recently, they have worked on implementing solar panels at the Seventh-day Adventist school in Pohnpei, Micronesia. “With this project completed, the school should be able to cut their overall costs by 60%,” said Corbin Edelbach, senior business administration major and Enactus president. The school is able to sell the excess electricity generated by the five solar panels and, as a result, hopes to lower tuition costs.

WWU’s chapter of Enactus is run out of the School of Business and is open to students of all majors. Not only are students from all departments encouraged to join, but membership is also open to community members. The chapter is currently comprised of 17 members, but there is no limit on how many people can join. “The more people, the more work we can get done, which means the more people we can help, said Edelbach. “We are not an exclusive group. When I say anyone and everyone can and should join, I mean anyone and everyone.”

If you would like to learn more about Enactus and their projects, visit wallawalla.edu/business.

Posted May 28, 2019

Enactus team standing in matching gray shirts with the enactus logo and holding an enactus banner.
One Enactus project, Grounds to Ground, uses coffee grounds collected from local coffee shops for soil enrichment.