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WWU School of Business celebrates student success in special ceremony


The Walla Walla University School of Business has a lot to be proud of. In the last year, students and faculty alike made noteworthy accomplishments in entrepreneurship, instruction, creativity, and advising. The School of Business honored these accomplishments in a special colloquium on June 1. 

The Outstanding Senior Award recipient is selected by the business faculty based on top grades, attitude, positive influence, and involvement in both the School of Business and across campus. The award went to Emma MacLachlan, senior business administration major concentrating in accounting. Bruce Toews, professor of business, said of MacLachlan, “She is not only vivacious, cheery, and fun-loving, but she is also exceptionally bright and hard-working. She’s a stellar student.”

Two top students were also recognized with Faculty Recognition Awards for their astronomically-high academic achievement. Michael Kukich, a business major with concentrations in accounting and finance, was selected for his ease in navigating complex concepts and for the kindness and dedication he demonstrated as a tutor. Kelton Turner, concentrating in management, was chosen as the second recipient due to his dedication to his studies, to his work in the School of Business office, and to campus spiritual life as a worship leader.

The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) also honored WWU student Alyssa Knecht with the ACBSP Leadership Award for her involvement in positions of influence and exceptional academic achievement. 

Faculty and staff efforts were also recognized with the School of Business Teaching Excellence Award going to George Perez and the Presidential Award for Excellence in Advising going to Lana Van Dorn. Van Dorn’s personal investment in students’ success was clearly appreciated by students, whose cheers and applause filled the room at the mention of her effort.

The group also celebrated the success of the Enactus team throughout the year, including wins at several competitions and their growth from six to almost 20 members. 

Before leaving for the evening, each of the graduating seniors, office workers, and honor society inductees were personally honored. With six student association leaders, two Athletics team captains, and 25 honor society inductees counted among this year’s business students, it's clear the School of Business is in the business of building leaders. 

Stephen Pilgrim, dean of the School of Business, closed the meeting by expressing gratitude for the abundant alumni support of the program. This year alone, the department was able to award $45,000 in scholarships to 20 students. “Generous donors believe in Adventist education and in you guys,” said Pilgrim to the gathered students. “They see your potential and are inspired by it.” 


Posted June 20, 2023.

Bower's hall shines with yellow flowers in the foreground.
With six student association leaders, two athletics team captains, and 25 honor society inductees counted among this year’s business students, it's clear the School of Business is in the business of building leaders.
Stephen Pilgrim stands next to Emma MacLachlan with her award.
Emma MacLachlan was one of several senior business students honored for their excellent academic achievements, involvement, and leadership.