Faculty Performance Evaluation

The purpose of the Annual Faculty Performance Evaluation is to provide faculty members with timely feedback on areas of strength and areas needing improvement, facilitate annual documentation of faculty activities to assist in preparing rank and tenure dossiers, systematize goal setting, and encourage faculty and departmental administrators to discuss ways in which the university can better provide appropriate resources to support faculty development.

The Annual Faculty Performance Evaluation is intended to be a short three-step process, as outlined below.

Step 1 - Initiate the Evaluation Process - Dean/Chair

  • Provide the faculty member with a copy of his or her Performance Metrics Report. Items needed for this report are accessible on Microsoft PowerBI. (Please contact Brian Hartman if you are unsure of how to access and use Microsoft PowerBI).
  • Schedule an evaluation meeting with the faculty member. 

Step 2 - Supporting Materials - Faculty

  • Prepare supporting materials for submission to the Dean/Chair:
  • Submit these requested items to your Dean/Chair.

Step 3 - Evaluation Meeting - Dean/Chair and Faculty

  • Dean/Chair reviews the items that were submitted by the faculty member.
  • Dean/Chair completes the Faculty Performance Evaluation Form(An optional Evaluation Guide is available for assistance in completing the Performance Evaluation).
  • Dean/Chair and faculty member will meet together at the scheduled evaluation meeting time to review and finalize the Performance Evaluation. 

*Records of completed Performance Evaluations are maintained at the departmental level and are not routinely shared with Rank and Tenure or Academic Administration.