Interest-sparking headline.

Short paragraph that describes your department and the kind of students who enjoy your area of study. EditLoremipsum doloamet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque vitae dolor tempor ipsum suscipit condimentum vel in ligula. Ut rhoncus, tortor congue posuere eleifend, augue ex placerat odio, quis suscipit nulla massa finibus quam. Mauris ultricies hendrerit leo, at porttitor justo fermentum quis. Ut sed erat vitae nibh feugiat fermentum. Ut ac elementum enim. Aenean commodo convallis efficitur. Quisque quis pulvinar sem.

Use this space to detail what your department's unique value proposition is. Why should a student choose to study here over anywhere else this area of study is offered? Use bullet points and short sentences. 

Help students visualize what their future could look like with a degree in your area of study. Show variety.

List your degrees. Link to your "Academic Program" page.


Our degrees cover most of the top 10, in-demand business specialties (per a recent NACE survey). With seven degrees, five concentrations, an associate degree, and five minors, the School of Business offers a program that should fit practically every business interest.  In addition, certificates in project management, business analytics, and market research methods are offered.

Bachelor Degrees

Associate Degree


Show prospective students additional aspects of student life as a major in your program. 


In addition to reputable and published professors, students also gain access to historians and professionals in other industries. The Department of History and Philosophy regularly brings in colloquium speakers to present on their areas of expertise and dialogue with students. View our colloquium speakers.

History Club

History Club is a student led and run organization for any WWU student interested in history. The club organizes social and educational activities as well as community-building and service events through out the year. The club provides an informal way to get to know your fellow classmates and professors better. Learn how to join the History Club.

List short "reviews" from some of your recent graduates. You can contact the alumni office for assistance reaching out to your alumni.

"My chemistry education set me up for success through medical school following graduation. To succeed as a chemistry/biochemistry major in undergrad you have to be disciplined to study and put in the time. This gave me good study habits and a very strong knowledge base and foundation to do well in medical school. The chemistry department also pushed me to learn how to think and problem solve in many different ways because of the variety provided in the coursework and lab that have translated into my life beyond chemistry." 

"You’ll have to work hard and study, but it’s worth it. You’ll come out of the program with so much knowledge and great mentors in the field that you’ll be able to pursue any career choice whether it’s teaching, medicine, pharmacy, research, etc. The department is small so it’s a close knit group and you get a lot of time to get to know your professors in the upper division courses. I still stay in touch with many of them."


Our alumni go on to do amazing things. Brag on them here.

Graduates from a WWU chemistry-related program continue their education at graduate institutions, begin postdoctoral work beyond the valley, or jump straight into fulfilling careers. Our grads go on to a variety of positions including:

  • Professor of pharmacy at Loma Linda University
  • Graduate school student
  • Postdoctoral work
  • Chemistry and mathematics professors
  • Work in biotech laboratories
  • Work in epidemiology for Adventist Health

What to look for in a quality [your discipline] program

(and how [your department] measures up)

Interaction with experienced professors

Students receive individualized attention and regular face time with full-time faculty. This enables students to build relationships with faculty who can provide not only helpful guidance through college, but also good recommendations for internships during college and job opportunities after college. Meet the professors you'll be learning from.

Real-world projects

Use this space to outline the value that your department provides for your students. You should have 5-7 well articulated reasons.