Campus Club Directory

Campus Clubs Provide opportunities for students, faculty, and staff with similar interests to connect. There are many clubs you can get involved in at Walla Walla University to help you discover new interests, meet new people, and enhance your educational experience.

This club directory contains a listing of all active clubs on campus with contact information available on each club when you click the club's name. For additional information about clubs on campus visit our Campus Clubs page or contact

The ACM Club is designed to enhance the experience of students interested in computer science at Walla Walla University. The club has three main pillars of focus: enhancing education and developing skills, fostering community, and serving others. Through these pillars the club seeks to enable its members to develop new abilities, form connections, and use their God-given talents in service to others.

Sponsor: Preston Carman (

President: Mikhail Beresnev (

Aleph Gimel Ain, AGA, was founded in 1928 as the women's residence hall club for Foreman and Conard halls. Over the years, AGA has grown to become a well-known organization among WWU alumni. All women’s residence hall students pay dues and belong to AGA.

AGA is an active organization offering activities such as the Mudbowl, Breast Cancer 5K for breast cancer awareness, AGA Mother's Day weekend; and in house activities such as open house, food feeds, and weekly worships.

Sponsors: Anthony Handal (

President: Jocelyn Curiel Ruiz (

The purpose of the Anime club is to provide a fun opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge of Japanese culture and to interact with other students who have a shared interest in anime. The Anime Club provides a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere where like-minded individuals may come to enjoy, discuss, and socialize. Anime Club also aims to keep members informed on and actively involved in new developments in Japanese animation and culture.

Sponsors: Jon Nickell(

President: Jared Ballance (

The purpose of the Asian and Pacific Islander club isn’t all about fortune cookies and soy sauce, but about something meaningful. We strive for excellence for the Walla Walla University students and faculty. By doing that, we provide fun filled events to entertain students and help them make friendships, experiences, and memories that can last them a lifetime.

Sponsor: Jerry Hartman (, Qin Ma (, Tony Nakashima (, Jennifer Buyco (, and Aaron Nakamura (

President: Kukie Lam Yuen (

ASCE is an opportunity to connect with other students through events like service day, camping, and local tours. We also offer opportunities to connect with the national ASCE chapter which offers scholarships and perks for student members.  

Sponsor: Bryce Cole (

President: Nathan Carr (

ASME is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. We provide fun engineering activities as well as other social events, giveaways, discounts and more to get people involved in a fun and creative environment. Our goal is to connect the science and the social aspects, making the club informative and fun on a scientific level by staying connected to the national ASME group, while making it enjoyable and a social event that people will want to be apart of.

Sponsors: Delvin Peterson (

President: Sam Griggs (

Associated Students of Walla Walla University, ASWWU, was created in May of 1914 to give students a voice on campus.

Sponsor: David Iwasa (

President: Trevor Haugen (

Biology Club is a social organization for biologists and others who love living things to enjoy time together in nature and with biology faculty.

Sponsors: David Cowles, Kirt Onthank & Cecilia Brothers ( & &

Presidents: Chantel Personius (

The BSCF Club is a social club open to all students that focuses on fellowship, entertainment, and getting involved. The club was originally founded upon a love and appreciation for African-American culture, and has diversified to represent and share in cultural activities and foods from around the world! 

Lead by a dedicated and hardworking team of individuals, the club has thrived throughout the years! With its many events such as BBQ's, Christmas parties, picnics, and more, the BSCF club is ideal for students who love to have fun and try new things, and even for those who normally have a hard time socializing with others.

Sponsor: Pedrito Maynard-Reid (

President:Brooklyn Anderson ( and Asael Isaac (

Business Club is for all students, not just business majors. We understand that college is stressful, so we plan at least one fun event per week to help you de-stress and socialize without having to do anything more than show up! Events include: bowling parties, exclusive movie premiers, burrito lunches, coffee and doughnuts, skating nights, and more.

Sponsor: Johanna Attoh & Patience Taruwinga ( &

President: Jonathan Terry (

Chemistry Club is guaranteed to increase the chemistry between you and others! By offering 4-5 fun-filled social events per quarter, you're guaranteed quality time and tasty munchies with all your buds. You'll also receive a much sought-after Chem Club T-Shirt and Water Bottle that will blow your metaphorical socks off! Join Chemistry Club today!

Sponsor: Joseph Brannaka (

President: Julia Rivera (

The Walla Walla University Chess Club is a student-run organization for all WWU students. The Chess Club meets once every week to play with each other and socialize. Additional benefits include: Access to chess equipment, the club library, the opportunity to join professional tournaments when available, and more!

Sponsor: Preston Carman (

President: Mikhail Beresnev (

Drama Club exists to provide you both on- and off-campus theatre opportunities throughout the year. Your membership supplies you with free tickets to all wwudrama productions and a free ticket to a show in the community each quarter. You will also enjoy access to all of our fun events, including Pizza and Musical Movie Night, special performances, and workshops brought to our campus.

Sponsors: Jerry Entze and Kristen Taylor ( and

President: Claira Eastwood (

The purpose of the Education Club is to promote the professional, social, spiritual and academic interests of the club members. An additional purpose will be to share the benefits, challenges, opportunities and vision for service and leadership in education with other groups on the WWU campus and the surrounding community.

Sponsor: Brian Hartman (

President: Linnea Elias (

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) partners with communities in developing countries to address their self-identified needs. Over the past six years, we have collaborated to build two schools in Honduras and to bring clean water to two communities in the Andes Mountains of Peru. Students from all majors are encouraged to join our club as we bring electricity to the community of Japura, Peru.

Sponsors: Heidi Schuette & Brian Roth ( &

President: Kieran Sukachevin (

The club plans to offer the WWU Campus; a sanctuary for fellow Native American students, a support system on campus, educational and academic goal planning and advising, participation in fund raisers and club events ie., Native Root Bake and Powwow Fund Raisers.

Sponsor: Pedrito Maynard-Reid (

President: Warren Begay (

Formula 1 Club is for everyone, no matter what major. College is a stressful time and we would like to offer everyone the option of watching Formula 1. Events include: watching Formula 1 races live, watching historical races for people to build their knowledge, and providing a common area for people to relax and watch racing together.

Sponsor: Brian Schaffner (

President: John (JC) Griffin (


The purpose of the French Club is to provide a French-style socio-cultural environment to our French students. In other words, we want our students to maintain the French connection in terms of linguistics and culture while they are back in their disruptive native culture. The French Club is also a venue that provides an exposure to the French Language and Culture for other "non-French students". 

Sponsor: Jean-Paul Grimaud (

President: Kelsey Bitton (

The purpose of the His Kids in Action Club is to provide children from the north side of Walla Walla with some activities that will encourage them toward making positive life choices. Every Sabbath afternoon, WWU students lead out in games, singing, Bible stories, and crafts, providing mentoring and friendship for the children. 

Sponsor: Dalene Johnson (

Co-President: Darius Felder (

As a part of the History Club, you will be invited to take part in many activities this year, including movie nights, the burning of Guy Fawkes, and a Luau! You will also be encouraged to participate in service to the community (ie. WWU’s service day at Fort Walla Walla) and other community-building events.  We’re looking forward to a fun, eventful year!

Sponsor: Monique Vincent & Tonia Jeffery ( and

Presidents: Cindy Heffel & Alexis Martinez ( &

This is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers student branch. IEEE is for anyone who is interested in things with circuits and their friends. List of events: LAN parties, Pancake Feasts, Electrical Builds, etc.

Sponsor: Douglas Logan & Larry Aamodt ( &

President: Jeffrey Grange (


The LatinX Club promotes interests related to diverse Hispanic Cultures in Latin America, provides opportunities to experience different cultures by music, food, and fellowship related events for its members, and promotes goodwill within the Walla Walla and College Place community.

Sponsor: Alma Alfaro (

Presidenst: Katie Cordero & Vicente Tupe ( &

The Walla Walla Men's Volleyball Club is a fellowship of men who enjoy playing competitive collegiate volleyball. Games are played against other men's club teams in the Pacific Northwest. Tryout if you're looking for a fun yet competitive outlet from class

Sponsor: Brant Berglin (

President: Mark Oliinik (

The Missions Club strives to unite the student missionaries of Walla Walla University. Through fun activities, good food, and moments to share great stories, this club serves to connect and support our current missionaries, returned missionaries, and future missionaries. If you are part of our student missions family, this club is for you! We are also excited to welcome future student missionaries: please contact the student missions office to explore your missions opportunities and join this club.

Sponsor: Andrea Keele (

President: Allison Simmons (

MTG Club is formed to promote the advancement of the interests of Walla Walla University and to establish closer fellowship among students. We will bring students together throughout the semester to challenge their trading card playing skills as well as promote community in regular tournaments. We intend to be non-exclusive and open to all members of the Walla Walla University Student Body as well as Faculty. Through regular, friendly interaction in competitive environments, we seek to bring relaxation and friendship to the students of Walla Walla University. This will also help to boost social communication skills, strategy competence, and faster calculation of large amounts of simple math quickly.

Sponsor: Kirt Onthank (

President: Cameron Schoene (

Our team works for your musical enjoyment. Join the club for:

- $5 Walla Walla Symphony tickets

- unique opportunities to see amazing shows like Wicked and Les Miserables for discounted prices

- regular events at Blue Palm, Colville Street Patisserie, Taco Bell, etc.

- free Starbucks coffee

- gift bags for Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. with a "mix tape" and some treats

- free movie showings

- delicious dinners & themed parties 

and many other wonderful things!

Sponsor: Kraig Scott (

President: Jamie Palmer (

The nursing club provides members with opportunities to associate and establish bonds with other nursing majors but is open to students of all majors. We are committed to bringing fun and entertainment as well as opportunity to make connections with fellow students.

Sponsor: Shelley Franco (

Presidents: Bianca Rosa (

Omicron Pi Sigma is the official club for residents of Sittner and Meske halls. OPS, which means "loyal fellow workman," is responsible for events throughout the school year, including the Mudbowl, Amateur Hour, and worships in Sittner Hall's lobby every Monday at 9:30 p.m. 

The purpose of OPS is to provide a safe place for study, spiritual growth, work, and recreation. Commitment to being respectful, responsible, and accountable enables members to embrace the motto: “How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity.” - Psalms 133:1

Sponsor: Anthony Handal (

President: Aaron Leek (

Sponsored by the Walla Walla University English department, Pegasus club seeks to unite all those who long to soar on the wings of creativity and freedom, especially students and faculty who share a love of literature and the arts.

Sponsor: Susan Gardner (

President: Charli Davis (

The pre-professional club is for all pre-health students, which includes medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. The club is designed to help students reach career goals by providing opportunities to interact with professionals and peers, while also including food and fun events throughout the year.

Sponsor: Curtis Kuhlman (

President: E.J. McField-Milliner (

The Product Design Club is run out of the Product Design program and is aimed at all product designers, graphic designers, and anyone else who loves design.

Sponsors: Logan Seibold (

President: Eric Nazario (

A club for students interested in Psychology as a major or minor, or just students who are interested in the field of Psychology. The club typically has one big group event per term (Christmas party, Spring Picnic, etc.) and several small events such as movie or game nights, free coffee at the Atlas, or service events.

Sponsor: Linda Ivy (

President: Sarah Palacios & Joni Hubbard ( &


The purpose of the Social Work Club is to come together as a club and enjoy some fun activities while giving back to the community. We will be working to sponsor a local social service organization through volunteer activities and finding different ways to raise money and help out with this organization . Along with this the club will put on a number of fun group events and opportunities for members to get free coffee, food, frozen yogurt, etc.

Sponsor: Emily Tillotson & Cheris Current ( &

President: Gerald Margil  (

The Society for Biological Engineering Club promotes the interests of not only bioengineers but anyone who has an interest in science, pre-med, medicine, biomedical engineering, and biochemistry. The SBE Club is a partnership with an SBE student chapter which provides both biochemists and bioengineers with the ability to be a part of a larger community and to benefit from collaborations with professors and students who are a part of the SBE community.

Sponsor: Janice McKenzie (

President: Karson Chrispens (

The Factory Club is a mash up of design and communications.  Our events and motives are all centered around art and visual communication.  This year we plan on having lots of fun with a creative mixture of art, design, and communications.  Some of our event include: photo shoots, art galleries, plays, and sketch night.

Sponsors: Brent Bergherm (, Jerry Hartman (, and Joel Libby(

President: Hannah Gillespie (

The purpose of Theology Club is to provide social activities that allow its members to associate together, become better acquainted with the School of Theology faculty, and to foster a closer relationship with God. Although the club is composed primarily of Theology and Religion majors, it also includes people of different majors who share a similar interest in spiritual fellowship.

Sponsors: Brant Berglin & Jody Washburn ( or

President: Claire Balli (

Auto Club allows students at WWU who enjoy cars, trucks, and motorcycles to meet and enjoy activities together based around their love of vehicles.

Sponsor: Rob Holm (

President: Christopher Secord (

Welcome to Village Club! Exclusively for undergraduate students who live in campus-owned or off-campus housing and are enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits. We'll be having many events throughout the year that will help us all stay connected (and fed).

Sponsor: Dorene Hackett (

President:Walter Rios (

The Wolves Student Booster Club exists to further enhance the student life experience for WWU students, increase opportunities for interaction between Wolves Athletics & the greater Walla Walla community, and support  WWU Athletics in a variety of ways.  Member benefits include WWU Wolves apparel, “Wolf-Scrip” discount card sponsored by various businesses in our community, freebies & give-aways at Wolves home games.

Sponsor: Paul Starkebaum (

Enactus is the world’s largest experiential learning platform dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. The Enactus network of global business, academic and student leaders are unified by our vision—to create a better, more sustainable world.

Sponsor: George Perez (

President: Madlyn Ellis (


The WWU Running Club encourages the Walla Walla University community to learn the joy of exercise through running and promote a sound mind in a sound body.

Sponsor: Albert Handal (

President: Ally Stonas (