School of Business

15 Reasons to Study Business at WWU

  • Learn business concepts exceptionally well. Our seniors scored, on average, at the 92nd percentile on the Major Field Test, a comprehensive business exam, measured against thousands of seniors at hundreds of other business schools.
  • Gain real-world skills in an internship. 100% of business students complete internships. Hear from interns Isac and Courtney.
  • Tour a Fortune 500 company. Experience Amazon (see Reel), Starbucks, Microsoft, Boeing, CostCo, etc. - up close and personal.
  • Enjoy a spiritual retreat at our beautiful Rosario Beach campus (see Reel) and learn from Christian business leaders. 
  • Study with award-winning & caring faculty. Our teachers will foster intellectual and spiritual development and help you achieve your career goals.
  • Earn a degree in demand. Business majors earn six of the top ten college degrees in demand (per NACE). We offer programs in all of these areas.
  • Join over 97% of your graduating class who begin their chosen careers or graduate schools within 12 months of graduation.
  • Benefit from a hands-on approach doing real-world projects that serve the community.
  • Enjoy a personal learning experience in small classes in which you get to know your professors and peers well.
  • Compete in an entrepreneurial contest (U-Pitch) for the best new business ideas . . . and win over $10,000 of prize money.
  • Get involved in the award-winning Enactus Club, active Business Club, or student-led ASWWU.
  • Study in style in Bowers Hall. Take a tour of our beautiful business home, which underwent a multi-million-dollar renovation.
  • Earn externally-validated degrees. Our BA, BS, & BBA degrees are accredited by ACBSP, which ensures that high-quality standards are met.
  • Connect with notable professionals in our colloquium evening lecture series.
  • Commit to lives of service and integrity as outlined in our mission and honor code.


Day in the Life of Summer Business Interns

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