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Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services (TSS) maintains laboratory equipment.

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Karl Thompson (Director) can be reached at (509) 527-2918 or text/cell:  (509) 520-9900

Contact  Information Technology at (509) 527-2317 if you are looking for assistance with myWWU, logins, email, other general computing issues, smart classrooms, or D2L.

Technical Support Services provides routine maintenance, repair, and calibration of academic equipment in laboratories across campus.  For example:

  • Biology – 96 microscopes are repaired, calibrated, lubricated, and cleaned each year.  Scales, centrifuges, freezers, chillers for lobster tanks, incubators, and shakers are examples of equipment that periodically need maintenance and repair.
  • Chemistry – repair volt meters.
  • Communications studio and control room – much equipment that needs repair.
  • Engineering – Lab equipment in the Circuits lab, Digital lab, Analog lab, EMEC lab, Materials lab, Fluids lab are checked and calibrated each year.
  • Library –projectors that need maintenance and repair.
  • Music – audio equipment in the choir room, auditorium, and various classrooms
  • WEC – maintenance of various electronic academic equipment.
  • Bulb replacement across campus for overhead projectors (for transparencies).
  • Ad building – bell ringer maintenance.

With the use of the machine shop and electronics shop, TSS designs and fabricates lab apparatuses for instructional purposes for academic departments. For example:

  • Biology – respirometers, electrospinning apparatus, kreisel tank
  • Engineering – steel test bars are fabricated for the Structures lab tension test.  Charpy test bars are fabricated for the Materials lab.  Batteries are maintained for the Surveying class.  Students receive assistance with their senior projects.

TSS also cleans/replaces projector filters across campus each summer.

Last update on August 17, 2017