Walla Walla University Disability Documentation Policies

Guidelines and Specifics

  • The documentation must be from an individual who is qualified by education and experience to diagnose the specific disability.

  • It is not appropriate for professionals to evaluate members of their own families for the purpose of documentation of a disability.

  • All reports should be typed or legibly written on official letterhead. All reports or letters must be dated and signed. Licensing information of the diagnosing professional must be provided, including the state in which they are licensed.

  • The documentation must include the instruments and standards used to evaluate the student, and should describe the manner in which the student is substantially limited in one or more major life activities.

  • The documentation must be current for the type of disability being documented. In most cases it is within three years; however, disabilities which have variations in symptoms may need to be more current.

  • The report can list recommended accommodations; however the DSS office determines whether or not an accommodation is appropriate and reasonable.