WWU Haven FAQs

What is Haven?
Haven is Walla Walla University’s official care group for LGBTQ+ students, including allies. 

Is Haven new? 
Although unofficial LGBTQ+ groups have existed at WWU since at least the 1990s, Haven is WWU's first official group.

What does it mean to be an official WWU group? 
Along with the university’s other official groups, Haven will be able to share information and updates, and have a booth at the Welcome Back Bash. Most importantly, it represents the university’s commitment to create space for and acknowledgement of our LGBTQ+ students.

Why does WWU need an official LGBTQ+ group?
WWU recognizes the struggles that LGBTQ+ students often encounter. Haven provides LGBTQ+ students a place to share their stories, concerns, joys, and challenges in a safe environment. 

Where and when does Haven meet?
Haven meets on campus. The time and location is not announced public to protect students’ privacy and confidentiality.

How do I know where and when Haven is meeting?
Students interested in attending should send an email from their WWU email address to haven@wallawalla.edu. The WWU email address is required to protect the group from any possible harassment. A short, in-person conversation with the group facilitators before a person is invited to join Haven provides additional protection to the group.

How confidential is Haven? What if I disclose at a Haven meeting that I broke a school rule? Is this going to get reported? 
Haven is a confidential care group. Unless your actions could hurt yourself or others they will not be reported to any outside officials.

I'm not LGBTQ+ but my roommate/classmate/friend/study partner/etc. is. What should I do?
Let that person know Haven exists, and encourage them to contact haven@wallawalla.edu.

Who oversees Haven? 
An Advisory Council composed of WWU administrators, faculty, staff, and students oversees Haven.

How was Haven formed?
WWU’s Haven is modeled after an official Haven group at Andrews University. Rather than reinvent the process, we used the Andrews program as a guide and made a few changes based on WWU's unique context.

How is Haven different from other WWU clubs?
Haven is similar to a small group on campus in that there are no dues, membership is not reported, and the group may meet more frequently than clubs. Haven's biggest difference is the level of confidentiality. Students must sign a confidentiality agreement in order to participate. Also, because Haven is an official university group, it is intended to have longevity and a consistent presence from year to year.