Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Events

2023 Events

Hispanic Ministries

 Every Thursday · 8:00 pm · Junior Room

Nuestra Iglesia

 Every Sabbath · 11:40 pm · Conard Chapel

HFSA Rosca de Reyes

 Jan 6 · 12:00 pm · Havstad

HFSA "Pan Dulce & Chocolate Abuelita"

 March 3 · 6:00 pm · Junior Room

Sabado Joven 

March 4 · Starting at 11:00 am · FAC 

Nuestra AY x ASWWU Spiritual

 March 4 · 5:00 pm · FAC

Latinx Karaoke Night

March 11 · 8:00 pm · SAC

Jaime Jorge Concert

 April 8 · 7:00 pm · University Church


Annual Events

September 25th: Welcome Back Bash (Sunday, 6-8pm) 

Welcome Back Bash is a celebration of the start of a new school year. Stop by the HFSA, Hispanic Ministries, Latinx, and Nuestra Iglesia booths! 

October 1st: The Longest Table (Sabbath)

Look for the HFSA tables and make sure to stop by for homemade and delicious authentic Latin-American food and tons of amor.

October 15th: Sábado Joven & Concierto en Vivo (Sabbath)

Join us for an Spiritual Youth Sabbath at Village Hall.

  • Escuela Sabatica @10am.
  • Worship Service and Community Recognition @11am.
  • Potluck Hispanic Style @1:30pm.
  • Concierto (Live Concert) @5pm. 

October 25: CommUnity celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month (Tuesday)

Speaker: Pastor Abner Campos

October 28: Hispanic Vespers (Friday)

Speaker: Pastor Shintell Izquierdo

See more of Hispanic Heritage Month Events 2022.



Through our weekly worship services, our goal is to provide a space where students feel at home. We hope people can learn more about the Latin-American culture and experiences of the Hispanic community at Walla Walla. We aim to create a community around worship and fellowship by facilitating an engaging worship service. 

The WWU Hispanic Faculty Staff Association (HFSA) provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff who identify with and/or embody the Hispanic/Latino culture. Our mission is to create a supportive and inclusive environment that values and celebrates Hipanic contributions in our diverse communty. We exist to provide opportunities for cultural, social, spiritual, and professional growth; to build and sustain a community of belonging and advocay for all Hispanic faculty, staff, and students. 

Faculty Chair: George Perez (George.Perez@wallawalla.edu)

Student Worker: Elizabeth Hernandez (Elizabeth.Hernandez@wallawalla.edu)


Our mission at the Latinx Club is to foster a sense of community and support among individuals who identify as Hispanic or any other race, while incorporating our faith in God. We aim to celebrate and promote diversity and cultural heritage of the Hispanic community through education and social events. As a faith-based organization, we seek to integrate faith in all aspects of our activities and provide opportunities for spiritual growth and reflection for our members. We strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment that embraces and encourages dialogue and mutual respect among all members.

Sponsor: Alma Alfaro (alma.alfaro@wallawalla.edu)

Presidenst: Dolores D Mora Tejeda (dolores.mora@wallawalla.edu)


"Nuestra Iglesia" is a church family that everyone is welcome to be part of. Whether you are involved through greeting, singing, playing an instrument, preparing food, programming, preaching, praying, or even just showing up and supporting, you become a part of this family and you belong. We have created a safe space to praise God, inspire relationships, and celebrate our beautiful Latin-American culture. Our mission is to help lead people into a growing relationship with Christ by creating a dynamic environment for authentic worship while also building a strong community through our Sabbath services, small groups, AY programs, and collaborations.

Co-Pastors: Andy Anaya and Emily Martinez


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