Asian Pacific Islander Heritage

Asian Pacific Islander Club

The purpose of the Asian and Pacific Islander club isn’t all about fortune cookies and soy sauce, but about something meaningful. We strive for excellence for the Walla Walla University students and faculty. By doing that, we provide fun filled events to entertain students and help them make friendships, experiences, and memories that can last them a lifetime.

Sponsor: Jerry Hartman (, Qin Ma (, Tony Nakashima (, Jennifer Buyco (, and Aaron Nakamura (

President: Noah Zachary Arnold Recalde ( and Nia Aiolupotea ( 

2022 Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Events:

May 5: Intents 

Theme: What Is Our Exodus?

Speaker: Mathias Bernard

Contributors: APIC, BSCF, Berean Fellowship.

May 7: Whitman Mission Sunset & Cookies

A walk up to Whitman Mission to watch and enjoy the sunset with cookies to munch on. 

May 11: Tote Bag Merch Drop 

Where: The Atlas

APIC is giving out their spring merchandise to their members as well as selling their tote bags to non-members for $30.

May 14: Yoga with Health & Wellness

A collaboration with Health & Wellness helps APIC spread mental health awareness in May with a yoga class. 

May 17: Community 

A panel discussion panel will consist of different APIC members/different ethnicities who will present their perspectives of their experiences so far at Walla Walla University. APIC is also providing muffins and free stickers for everyone. 

May 19: ASWWU Spiritual Collab (Lei Making)

With flowers imported from Hawai'i, APIC and ASWWU Spiritual are hosting a lei-making class. This is an open event for everyone; there will be music, games, food, and more. 

May 20: APIC Vespers "Our Foundation" 

Meshach Soli, the Associate Youth Director of the Southeastern California Conference is APIC's speaker this year for APIC Vespers. There will be different types of cultures presented in the program, from our welcoming to scripture reading, to music. Come enjoy and celebrate with us.

May 21: Sabbath Service/AY Service at Kiwanis

Sabbath Service: Speaker: Meshach Soli

Our AY Service will be held at Kiwani's Park. We will fellowship together, play, and sing music, play games, and more.