Asian Pacific Islander Club (APIC) 

What is the Asian Pacific Islander Club? 

Asian Pacific Islander Club is a student-led ethnic club on-campus that focuses to create a supportive and inclusive environment for students who identify with or have an interest in the diverse cultures and experiences within the Asian and Pacific Islander communities. Asian Pacific Islander Club provides a platform for students to connect, share their experiences, promote understanding and appreciation for the rich and varied cultures that fall under the umbrella of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage. Asian Pacific Islander Clubs activities include Filipino Heritage Celebration Karaoke Night, Lunar New Year Celebration, APIC Vespers program in May, Lei-making, and more. 

Asian Pacific Islander Office 2023-2024

Executive Student Officers


Fueainaula (Kukie) Lam Yuen


MSW (Master's Social Work) Graduation Student

Diversity and Inclusive Department Student Representative

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Vice President

Lisa Luzyl A. Wa-Mbaleka


Health Science, Pre-Dentistry

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Lana Kidwell 


Biology, Pre-Med.

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Luafataalae Voigt


Civil Engineering 

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Social Vice President

Carena Tomas


Mechanical Engineering

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Spiritual Vice President

MJ Metuli


School of Theology; Psychology

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Freshman Representative

Dan-Luigi Tingson


School of Nursing

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Faculty Sponsors


Aaron Nakamura

Director of Marketing; Marketing and Enrollment Services

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Carlyle Tagalog

Curricular Coordinator / Academic Advisor; Academic Records

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Jennifer Buyco

Creative Manager; Marketing and Enrollment Services

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Matt Webster

Production / Facilities Coordinator; Communications Department

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Tony Nakashima

Head Coach Women's Basketball; Athletics Department 

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Qin Ma

Professor; Engineering Department

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