Campus Labs Course Evaluations

Log into Campus Labs:  Student Portal,   Faculty Portal,   Deans/Chairs Portal

Course evaluations will be completed each quarter using Campus Labs. The Campus Labs platform will allow faculty to select course objectives and add additional questions through a web browser.  A link to the page is available on both faculty and student myWWU lists.  Paper and pencil forms will no longer be used.  Students will complete the course evaluation survey online using their phones, tablets, or laptop.  Faculty will need to log into the system each quarter to set course objectives and see the results of the prior quarter's survey.

Quarterly Schedule for Course Evaluations

  • [Week 3] Faculty select courses to evaluate
  • [Week 5] List of courses mailed to chairs/deans for review
  • [Week 6]  Faculty can begin to enter course objectives
  • [Week 9, Monday] Course evaluations open
  • [Exam Week, Friday] Course evaluations close
  • [After Grade Due]  Results available to faculty

Course Evaluation Forms

  • Form A :  Diagnostic
  • Form B :  Learning Objectives
  • Form C :  Teaching Methods

Learning Objectives

Training Resources