Network Use Policy

It is your responsibility to become familiar and comply with federal and state law as well as with Walla Walla University’s network use policy. Please take a moment to read and understand the following.


A reliable, high performance, network is vital to carry out our mission of teaching and learning in a 21st century educational setting.  The university network, and by extension, the internet connection delivered by it, is a multi-use network providing voice, video, and data services for a wide variety of usage scenarios.  This network policy exists to ensure our network provides for these needs in a reliable and efficient manner for the greatest number of our patrons as possible. The university network policy governs network-connected devices, network usage, and the operation of services offered on the network.   



The proper functioning of the network depends on the proper functioning of each device connected to the network.  Network connectivity is delivered via wired or wireless connections.  In order to ensure the proper operation of the network for all students, faculty and staff will adhere to the following rules.


  1. The information technology department will provide network switches, routers, and wireless access points for end user network access needs.  
  2. Users who add unapproved network devices may have their network access disabled in order to ensure that the device(s) does not inhibit the proper function of the network at large.


University networks are available for constituents, who have an active relationship, administrative need, or otherwise institutionally approved reason.  Network access, including internet access, is not provided to the community at large outside of pre-approved usage scenarios.  Examples include community library access and marketing related events.

The information technology department may limit access to specific sites and services as is deemed necessary to ensure the security, legal compliance, and administrative policy adherence.  Internet traffic prioritization may be employed to provide a fair distribution of bandwidth and ensure the proper function of business and time sensitive internet traffic.